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    Version 5 Comments

    , Fl..
    Name: Bob Ieva Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: No Location:    Seminole.


    Song surgeon is a great tool for get your practice in and learningal the great licks and solos from slow to fast.

    Does What It Says On the Tin.
    Name: Ian Nicholls Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: No Location:    UK


    So far I haven’t been too adventurous with Song Surgeon but it has, satisfactorily, enabled me to decipher a number of songs.

    Great for singing.
    Name: Steve Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Vocal Competitor:    None
    Band Member: No Location:    Illinois


    I can transpose a song to a lower key, that works better for my voice, and the vocal on the song still sounds natural, no digital artifacts. And I can turn the volume down on the vocal in the song, so that I can sing the lead, and I still have the professional vocal in the background, for me to sing along with. It’s great practice, and it makes practicing enjoyable.

    Big learning curve!.
    Name: Fred Lenz Instructor:    no
    Instrument: guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: yes Location:    phoenix, az


    Seems very difficult to pick up and use this software. Reminds me of cad software I used to use.

    Great product.
    Name: Lamont Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: No Location:    Whittier California


    Great way to learn new songs and tough licks!

    Works well!

    Easy to use.
    Name: Brian Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    Transcribe
    Band Member: No Location:    Arizona


    Still learning it but so Far East to use and I nice interface.

    Great product.
    Name: Michael A Quillen Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    Sabine BT-316M Backtrak hardware
    Band Member: Was Location:    Fort Wayne, IN, USA


    Easy to use and excellent tutorials. Bought this along with Video Surgeon and I'm very pleased with both products.

    I couldn't be happier!.
    Name: Frank Instructor:    no
    Instrument: guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: no Location:    Ontario, Canada


    I'd just like to say that I've come to rely on Song Surgeon to the point where playing guitar without it is unimaginable. This software is amazing and getting it was one of the most sensible things that I've ever done. You just can't go wrong getting Song Surgeon.

    Works Great!.
    Name: Richard Breitenbach Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Electric Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: No Location:    West Monroe, LA


    I'm using the program mainly to slow down passages and to slice and loop bits of them to learn songs and solos. I've barely scratched the surface of the program's capabilities, as far as I can tell, but I'm pleased with the way it works so far. I expect to get deeper into it as time goes by.

    Just What You Need.
    Name: SainJackE Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Electric Guitar/Bass Guitar Competitor:    Riffstation
    Band Member: Yes Location:    Punta Gorda, FL


    Having worked with Riffstation I needed something that would go further to help identify song cords and notes. Song Surgeon is ust the thing I was looking for to get our group to the next level. Now we can get the right key and tempo and use the right cords to get our sound just the way we want it.

    my opinion of Song Surgeon.
    Name: Larry Thomas Instructor:    no
    Instrument: Bass Competitor:    None
    Band Member: yes Location:    Baltimore, MD USA


    I used it a few times to dissect a new song and used the export function

    song surgeon and video surgeon.
    Name: mike Instructor:    no
    Instrument: guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: no Location:    scottsdale


    Song Surgeon is ok, especially if you are a rhythm player primarily and have a great ear for learning. the video program is great. Love it. It gives me a chance to learn riffs that are way beyond my level and have a chance for me learn things that would other wise be impossible for me to grasp. I am a visual learner so it is perfect.

    The programm I just needed..
    Name: Joop Zorn Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar and keyboard Competitor:    None
    Band Member: No Location:    Spain



    Excellent tool.
    Name: Seppo Immonen Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: No Location:    Finland


    Excellent tool for practicing guitar playing. Especially tempo and transposing functions are very handy.

    Game Changer!.
    Name: Dan B Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar and vocals Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Yes Location:    Syracuse NY


    So easy to use! No more having to tune instruments to match a song’s key signature. Simply choose the key YOU want, click the button and presto! The song is in tune with your instrument!! Love it...
    My other favorite feature is the tempo changer. Can’t quite hear what note the guitar player is landing on, or what the singer is saying because the song is too fast? Not anymore! Slow it down on Song Surgeon and hear it all.

    Back in the day, to get the similar results you had to spend hundreds for a piece of hardware that was bulky and cumbersome to use.

    And that’s only part of what S.S. can do...,very much worth it as far as I’m concerned.

    Thank you Song Surgeon!

    very impressed.
    Name: Johannes Bruitzman Instructor:    yes
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    
    Band Member: no Location:    Cootamundra, Australia


    I have been using Song Surgeon 5 Pro for just a short time, but already I am noticing a number of features that were not available in Sonar Cakewalk Professional. Firstly, the speed with which it performs changes of key and tempo are amazing, fairly well instantly. Cakewalk would take minutes to transpose an audio file and then there were issues with chipmunking or the run out of battery power effect, which does not happen in Song Surgeon 5 Pro. The chords panel is a bonus, sometimes it is difficult to determine what chords are used in a song, this is instant, even if not all chords are shown, you at least know what key it is in. I am also impressed that you can change the basic tuning foundation, so if you want to hear orchestral sounds as they were actually played in previous centuries, you can adjust the overall tuning from 440 to whatever you want. The price is another positive factor, even though the exchange rate is woeful at present, it still represents better value than Cakewalk which was horrendously expensive. I purchased it in 2015 and now it is taken over by Bandlab and, while that was free, I had no end of problems downloading and activating. So I have had to give Bandlab the flick as well. Song Surgeon surpasses everything that was available in Cakewalk and more, so I am very impressed with the program. I just hope that the program continues, once Cakewalk died on me, the files I created were useless and now I have to start from scratch again, and I can see already, that Song Surgeon is going to make that task easy for me, much easier than I would have expected at the start. So yes, I am happy.

    Does What it says on the tin.
    Name: Paul Davies Instructor:    I am a private guitar teacher
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    Riffstation
    Band Member: N/A Location:    Surrey England


    Recommended easy to use
    Thank you

    Great Learning Tool.
    Name: Chuck Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: No Location:    Florida


    I primarily use the loop function and reduced tempo function so I can develop my ability to learn music aurally. I don't want to rely on tabs to learn songs because I think learning by ear will develop a much deeper and more intuitive understanding of my instrument. BUT, learning by ear is difficult at full speed and having to manually "rewind" a track so I can hear it over and over again. Song Surgeon has changed all of that for me and my practice time has become much more effective and efficient.

    Excellent software to transpose songs.
    Name: Oliver L. Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Vocal Singer Competitor:    None
    Band Member: No Location:    Nanaimo BC, Canada


    Love the transpose feature. Please, please, please - include a Sheet Music Transposition feature in Song Surgeon v.6. Also, found the recording mode an invaluable tool - can capture any audio from YouTube or even online Radio.

    Fantastic for song shaping!.
    Name: Sandy Shore Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Voice Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Solo Performer Location:    Ottawa Ontario, Canada


    I've been a loyal Song Surgeon customer for the past few years and the Sandy Shore - One Man Show's repertoire would certainly not sound as professional without Song Surgeon.

    I will sometimes change the pitch, tempo or the EQ to make a song my own.

    Like Frank said...I did it My Way! (and I did, with Song Surgeon of course!)

    Wishing you "All the Best"!

    Sandy Shore

    Simple and effective tool.
    Name: Lance Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: No - solo performer Location:    Vasse, Western Australia


    Being an older vocalist, the original keys become increasingly difficult to maintain, therefore this program is just what I need to keep these songs in my repertoire. Some I have used in the past struggle with quality vocal backing reproduction - not so with Song surgeon.

    Program Trips Out When Slowed Down.
    Name: Eric Mallen Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Trumpet Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Yes Location:    SW Michigan


    I've been transcribing tenor sax, trombone, and trumpet jazz solos from CDs. The process has been very tedious especially when transcribing jazz chromatic runs. When slowing the song down to 30% and below, the program often trips out and I have to reload the file multiple times

    For future revisions of Song Surgeon, will there be the capability to detect recorded music and automatically transcribe it to sheet music such as the "Anthem Score" product? It would also include the capability to edit the sheet music.

    Sing in the right key.
    Name: Garrett Stack Instructor:    no
    Instrument: acoustic electric guitar/singer Competitor:    None
    Band Member: no Location:    Woodbridge, CT


    So far I've used Song Surgeon to change the key and or tempo of guitar backing tracks that are in key I can't sing in. And the chord display under the tracks finds nuances that can enhance your playing.
    There are many features I have not explored as yet. Four stars because moving to the spot on the track is not intuitive. Saving files is not intuitive.

    GUI Resizing also to expand the Marker and Loop Bar.
    Name: Victor Rodriguez Instructor:    Yes
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    Transcribe
    Band Member: Yes Location:    Canary Islands



    I am enjoying your amazing Song Surgeon software. It has been a great discovery for me and I am already recommending using it to other musicians. It has features that I would never have imagined, such as chord detection.

    I love the quality of the tempo changes and other features that I've looked for previously and only found on Song Surgeon.

    I have been a guitar player and teacher for many years and I work all the time with MARKS and tempo changes.

    It would be extremely helpful if the "GUI Resizing" option also expands the Marker Bar and Loop Bar

    Song Surgeon software is a dream come true.

    Thank you

    Great software.
    Name: David Peck Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar/ Keyboard Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Former Location:    Henderson, NV


    Just got SS5 couple mos ago... used SS4 for couple of years. Use it almost everyday. Makes a great player even if not altering the music in anyway. Good search feature on SS5 as searches your whole computer. Generally use it to slow down a song and or loop it. Key change quite often as well. Does many more things.. still learning. Great tutorials and support via email. Will always have a version of SS. Only downside is loss of the sniffer in 5. Kept SS4 to use for that. Will close in saying that I am generally not a fan of new software but this is easy to learn and use.

    Helpful tool for a beginner.
    Name: Mamy Instructor:    no
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: no Location:    France


    Really helpful for my guitar journey started 3 years ago. Plenty useful features. Will I be happier in the future ?

    my usage is minimal.
    Name: Eugene Ridge Instructor:    na/
    Instrument: n/a Competitor:    None
    Band Member: n/a Location:    colorado springs


    I use it primarily to changing key of instrumental music for matching to singer.
    I've not taking the time to delve into it deeply because of how I use it.

    Great Tool.
    Name: Tim Instructor:    no
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: no Location:    MaryLand


    it is a great tool for all levels of experience. I mainly use the looping function to learn and play along with song

    Amazing for small church with no organist.
    Name: Karen Instructor:    No
    Instrument: N/A Competitor:    None
    Band Member: No Location:    UK


    We use in conjunction with Small Church Music to offer backing for services at pitch and tempo that suit us. Fabulous tool, very little distortion on lowering key. Highly recommend.

    Learning Bass Rifts.
    Name: Leonard Mares Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Bass Guitar Competitor:    Transcribe
    Band Member: No Location:    Denver, Co


    Best yet for slowing down tempo but not losing tone. It would be more useful if Bass could be isolated better.

    great tool.
    Name: Charlie Evans Instructor:    no
    Instrument: bass Competitor:    None
    Band Member: not at the moment Location:    east texas


    really love this software

    Fantastic product ....
    Name: Phil James. Instructor:    No.
    Instrument: Acoustic/electric guitar. Competitor:    
    Band Member: No - Home based/self taught. Location:    Wales/UK.


    I added learning the guitar to my "bucket list" several years ago, and I am mainly self taught thanks to the internet that didn't exist 50 years ago. Song Surgeon has been a pleasure to use in conjunction with my lessons and practice. I had some initial problems with the system "crashing" intermittently, but with valuable and responsive help from Jim in SS5 Support, the cause was traced to a defective programme on my computer ... and no fault of Song Surgeon. The product support is second to none .... thanks Jim.

    Name: Charles Newton Instructor:    N/A
    Instrument: N/A Competitor:    None
    Band Member: N/A Location:    St Louis, Mo.


    I use sound tracks to sing gospel music and I use Song Surgeon mostly for key change and tempo. I'm still watching the training videos to learn all it has to offer me. I'm very satisfied so far of how easy it is to use.

    I could use.
    Name: Shawn Callaghan Instructor:    no
    Instrument: none Competitor:    None
    Band Member: no Location:    massachusetts


    I use the product for singer backgrounds mostly for key change. Love it no quality loss even at a 3 step lower. Having the ability to trim or fade a song would be a nice feature on the basic version.

    Name: Ieuan Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Davies Competitor:    Riffstation
    Band Member: Yes Location:    UK


    My only wish for Song Surgeon is that it would print the chords detected in bars rather than timeline. Other than that it is a superb piece of software, a must have tool for any musician.

    Song surgeon..
    Name: George D Gardner Instructor:    Yes
    Instrument: Studio Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Yes Location:    Gastonia N.C


    This is a great program I would recommend it to anyone

    I bought SS-5--No time to try it yet.
    Name: Jerry Lobdill Instructor:    no
    Instrument: flamenco guitar Competitor:    Slow Gold
    Band Member: no Location:    fort worth, tx


    I had used Slow Gold for years hoping for something better. I bought SS-1 and was very impressed. Then life got in the way of my plans, and SS-5 was offered. I snapped it up because I saw that it had many improvements to SS-1. I am still preoccupied by life’s demands, but I will definitely send you my reviewafter I’ve had a chance to use it.

    My very best,

    Jerry Lobdill

    "WAY TO GO!".
    Name: David Felten Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar, Piano Competitor:    None
    Band Member: No Location:    Algonquin, IL


    Your product has helped me to advance my playing skills better than anyone could

    Thank you and God bless

    Song surgeon.
    Name: Rit Instructor:    no
    Instrument: Vocalist Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Yes Location:    Minnesota/Ca


    Song Surgeon rock!!!

    It would be handy if..
    Name: Michael Sowin Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: No Location:    Henderson Nevada


    It would be handy if when opening the program it would display the path of the last entry.

    Also to be able to save a changed file to its original format. As in midi to midi.

    in addition there seems to be enough room on the display screen by moving the buttons to the left or right, thus allowing you the room to display the lyrics.

    And if you can display the lyrics, have the ability to change them.


    Name: Jim Chagares Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Acoustic Guitar Competitor:    Amazing Slow Downer
    Band Member: No Location:    Indiana


    I play a lot of Bluegrass music. To get my flatpicking licks up to speed I multiply the BPM by 4 and insert that number into the unlocked metronome. That get the metronome ticking extremely fast but that's the speed I need to be at. Only wish I could save the metronome settings. Try it sometime. 128 BPM x4=512. Set your metronome to 512 and pick that fast.

    Song Surgeon.
    Name: Mansoor Suhail Instructor:    N/A
    Instrument: N/A Competitor:    None
    Band Member: N/A Location:    Canada


    I am happy with the product.

    The perfect all-in-one tool.
    Name: Werner Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Yes Location:    Germany


    I'm a happy Song Surgeon user since many years and it provides everything I need as a musician: plays files in a great variety of file formats, distortionless change of speed, change of pitch, chord detection, loops and so much more. For me Song Surgeon is the most comprehensive audio tool for musicians.

    Name: Robin Shenck Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitars and Keyboards Competitor:    None
    Band Member: No Location:    Carlisle, Pa.


    Have not been able to upload songs from itunes. It just keeps spinning.

    [SS Admin - This sounds like a technical issue that needs to be addressed on your computer. SS DOES open songs in an iTunes folder]

    It’s in the nuances.
    Name: David Reuter Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Solo Musician Location:    Qld Australia


    If you take your time to really slow stuff down and learn, you pick up all the little nuances in that passage, that really make all the difference when it comes to the feel of the song. I’ve been relearning Surfing With The Alien, and the first legato lick in the solo at 30% speed, plays nothing like most instructors will track it. Danny Gill shows this passage on his DVD with all these notes sharing roughly the same timing, at 30% speed, that’s anything but the case, and it’s Joe Satriani’s style how he speeds up, slows down and holds certain notes longer than others that really breaths the life into this playing, without it, these fast passages sound sterile and lifeless. But you really only hear it, and learn it at these very slow speeds! ;)

    Good, but tricky to use.
    Name: alan souza Instructor:    Yes
    Instrument: Guitar & Ukulele Competitor:    Amazing Slow Downer
    Band Member: Yes Location:    Pacific Grove, CA


    I have a hard time figuring out how to set it up and do a lot of trial and error, before I get it working each time. There must be tutorials that I should use. Really bummed that I can't use it for MP4 songs. I'm just using it to help me learns songs that I have already purchases so I can play them. This is strange to blocked from this. Over half of my songs are useless and I am wondering if it was worth the purchase?

    [SS does open and allow you to work with mp4 files]

    Best software for pitch change.
    Name: Bob Higgins Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar and vocals Competitor:    None
    Band Member: No Location:    Florida


    I mix songs from a karaoke site where I can different instruments, but their pitch change is only marginally useful, sometimes not as all.

    I used song surgeon and redid all the songs I couldn’t effectively pitch change for my voice. After a few of these, I began to change songs I was already singing due to the volume change and eq functions.

    I added over 30 more songs to my set list.

    On my wish list is if a volume control where I could ensure volume consistency between one song to the next.


    We lost our organist.
    Name: Rev. Tom HUdson Instructor:    no
    Instrument: organ Competitor:    None
    Band Member: no Location:    Brownsville, Washington County, MD


    We are a small congregation in a rural area. Our organist of many years retired and we were completely unable to find anyone to take his place.

    I learned of a free web site where 90% of our hymnal is recorded, and we took a look at the music that was there.

    We were delighted to find that we could play it through our sound system, and the pipe organ music was more than our little organ ever produced.

    But there were problems. Most of our congregation are older folks, and the recorded hymns were too fast and in too high a key.

    I saw an ad for Song Surgeon and tried the free trial. It solved our problems! I download the hymn in .mp4 format, and then adjust the tempo and key so that it is within the singing capabilities of our congregation. A plus is that it is exported in .wav format, which sounds better through our sound system.

    We quickly upgraded to the paid version, and we are singing better than ever, thanks to Song Surgeon.

    As the current generation of church organists reach retirement, and there are almost no students today learning to play this kind of music, the combination of the website that makes the recordings available, along with the ability of Song Surgeon to make them singable, is truly a blessing to our little country church. God bless you for your hard work in creating and supporting this product.

    I’m sold for life..
    Name: George Simms Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Vocalist Competitor:    Karafun
    Band Member: Formerly w/ David Bowie, Billy Joel Location:    South of France


    As a little background for you, I’ve done concert stage and/or studio backing vocals with artists including David Bowie, Billy Joel, Madonna, Jeff Beck, Simple Minds, Cindi Lauper, Chaka Khan, and legendary French entertainer Serge Gainsbourg, and have TV and movie credits as an actor. For the seven years I’ve lived in the south of France, I entertain as a soloist in a wide variety of venues, performing a nearly 100-song repertoire from the golden era of the variété française.

    For a number of years, I struggled to find the instrumental backing tracks I was looking for, which suited my range. As experienced singers know, just one half-step modulation in either direction can give you the comfort you need and the tones you wish to produce. As a male soloist, if I choose a number popularized by a female, I’ll often need quite more than a half-step up or down.

    Every program I found — before Song Surgeon 5 — did a terrible job at changing the pitch, even when I only need a half-step. More than that was catastrophic. The instruments wowed and fluttered, most notably the guitars and strings. I cannot perform with confidence if I’m not happy with my tracks.

    Song Surgeon changed everything. I haven’t tested it to the limits of absurdity, but every pitch change I’ve made so far has been miraculous. No distortion, wow or flutter. The tracks sound like they were originally recorded in my key. I arrive at gigs knowing that my music has been perfectly set, throughout my repertoire, and I don’t have to remember to make pitch adjustments on stage (which my chosen playback program attempts to do, but does horribly).

    Most importantly, with great-sounding tracks behind me, I’ve got full confidence to do what I love most and give the audience what they came for. Thank you, Jim, and whatever magician created Song Surgeon 5. I can’t describe what a boost it has been to me on stage. I’m sold for life.

    Great Product/Best Customer Support.
    Name: Douglas Skinner Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Singer, Guitar Competitor:    Amazing Slow Downer
    Band Member: Yes Location:    The Villages, Florida


    I just had to write a review of this product and the SS5 customer support team. SS5 worked extremely well for me until I botched something up doing a system OS upgrade. At that point a number of applications crashed when trying to start them. Since SS5 is my most cherished App, I contacted their support team for assistance. Over the course of a couple of days they worked to repair my system so it would work again. Through the entire process Jim was extremely helpful and when needed he got a programmer to make changes to my system using remote programming. Simply put, this support group is the best I have ever encountered. After their assistance ALL of my Apps are now working properly again. THANK YOU.

    Key Change and Section Repeat.
    Name: Daniel Chatelain Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Yes Location:    Abilene, Texas


    I use Song Surgeon to change the key of a song to the one that the band is doing that week. In addition, I highlight and repeat sections of the song at slower tempos, to learn the mites of a riff. After I have figured out the notes, I slowly increase the speed until I can play it comfortably at actual speed.

    Great product..
    Name: Robert Renman Instructor:    yes
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: yes Location:    Canada


    Mr. Renman is a internet-based guitar instructor with a large following. His site his https://www.masterguitaracademy.com/ . Below is a video he recent posted which discusses how he uses Song Surgeon’s chord detection to find the chords in a backing track.

    Highly recommend this product.
    Name: Mike Instructor:    N/A
    Instrument: acoustic guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: solo act Location:    Phoenix, AZ


    I use the song surgeon to lower the key of songs I want to learn and then use the altered key to practice my vocals. Works perfectly for me. I also use the looper and slow down functions to learn and practice new guitar solos. Fantastic product.

    Awesome product.
    Name: Buz Hopper Instructor:    No
    Instrument: N/A Competitor:    Audacity, Adobe Audition, some online applications
    Band Member: No Location:    Georgia, USA


    I've been using Song Surgeon for a while now. However, there was one piece of music I was trying to lower the key and Song Surgeon would seem to quit working while analyzing peaks. So, I tried doing the same thing in Audacity, Adobe Audition, and then some online applications. Each one would lower the pitch but badly distort the music. I'm amazed how well Song Surgeon changes pitch and there is absolutely no distortion! Thank you for such a great product!

    Song Surgeon is a superb product in helping banjo players decode bluegrass licks and songs.
    Name: Paul Fairbanks Instructor:    Yes
    Instrument: Banjo Competitor:    None
    Band Member: No Location:    Ithaca, NY


    As a long time banjo instructor,I have found Song Surgeon to be a superb product in helping banjo players decode bluegrass licks and songs. In addition to the tempo and pitch options, the preset EQ options help to isolate the banjo sound from the rest of the instruments. (I found the trumpet setting to be especially useful!)

    Students like the ability to change the pitch to either play in the key of G or capo up the neck in order to get used to the capo's effect on the neck layout. A very cool feature is the decoding of chord progressions. Many people find this very challenging to learn and SS allows players to see the chord changes in real time and this helps to train one's ear to identify chord changes. Technical support and guidance is an email away and the tutorials are very clear and well organized in the Help tab. Oh, and I don't want to forget the foot pedal option on SS Pro, which allows you to free up your hands to navigate across a song. Oh wait, one more thing! Once you set up a project with various loops, you can save your work so when you come back the next day, you can get to playing right away! And then there's the speed training option to create more challenges....Somebody stop me!

    As you can see, I highly recommend Song Surgeon as a great tool to accelerate one's learning curve! Jim and his staff deserve a huge round of applause!!!

    P. Fairbanks, Ithaca NY

    Good Product.
    Name: Denis Shoesmith Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Karaoke Competitor:    Slow Gold
    Band Member: Sometimes play percussion Location:    Newcastle-Australia


    I sometimes do duo work, I play percussion & my mate plays guitar. We use the audio from karaoke tracks as backing. I'm able to ckeck the tempo against the tempo I want to use on stage, and adjust it accordingly. No other product can do this. I also have SS-4 and KS which are all great products. Kind Regards--Denis.

    Essential Product for Learning Music.
    Name: Greg Instructor:    Yes
    Instrument: Godden Competitor:    Amazing Slow Downer
    Band Member: Yes Location:    Maidstone Kent


    Song Surgeon has proven invaluable for my music learning process. I play Blues Harmonica and Song Surgeon allows me to import a tune, slow it down and thoroughly learn all articulation. I can then record my work and check to make sure I'm hitting all the bends!!
    Song Surgeon also has the ability to detect and display the chords of the music as it's being played so I can import a piece of music, note the chords then write either and accompaniment or solo to suit.
    I have looked at other products but I haven't found anything that comes close or as easy to use.
    I would totally recommend Song Surgeon to anyone serious about learning, recording or playing music.

    p.s. I've just purchased Download Surgeon you've got to check that out!!!

    Great product.
    Name: Klaus Christoph Instructor:    no
    Instrument: Guitar, Banjo Competitor:    None
    Band Member: yes Location:    The Villages, FL


    I have been using Song Surgeon for several years. Slowing down a song without changing pitch, or changing key o play along when learning a song. Great product.

    great product.
    Name: Merv Foot Instructor:    N/A
    Instrument: None Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Play dance music from CD Location:    New Zealand


    I use the song surgeon to change to beat of of some songs to speed up or slow down depending on if we are teaching beginners of dancing or be it the professional? it is just great for that purpose, I also change the tone where possible to make the sound much better for large halls.
    Great product, many thanks.Merv

    Name: Mike Adam Instructor:    no
    Instrument: banjo Competitor:    None
    Band Member: no Location:    Palm Coast, Florida


    Forgot to hit the 5 stars on my last comments.

    Name: Mike Adam Instructor:    no
    Instrument: banjo Competitor:    None
    Band Member: no Location:    Palm Coast, Florida


    Fantastic!! And that goes for the product and the service. Thanks, James!

    Really Impressed, Use it a lot!.
    Name: Ron Felice Instructor:    no
    Instrument: CVP-609 Competitor:    None
    Band Member: no Location:    Fort Myers, FL


    Song Surgeon does everything it says and does everything extremely well! I use the markers to loop my difficult passages, thought out various tempos, until I get the performance right. I also use the pitch feature when I need to, without any noticeable change of fidelity. In addition, the user-friendly GUI makes achieving these features very intuitive, so that I am able to focus my concentrate on my performance rather than the computer. Great program! I wouldn’t be without it when I practice!

    Excellent Music Software Program.
    Name: John Wright Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Trumpet Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Yes Location:    Hemet, CA


    This program is well organized and easy to use. It works well handling a large library of scores. I use it for daily practice. Especially useful for learning tones. I am most impressed by the rapid response provided by the developer to questions I may have.

    Seaside Funk Loves Song Surgeon.
    Name: Rick Scherer Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Yes Location:    Palm Coast


    Seaside Funk is always adding new material to our set list.

    I remember the old days listening to a song over and over trying to figure out the chords and writing down the lyrics. If the song was too high for my voice I had to transpose the chords to fit my range. It was a very frustrating process!

    I originally ran across Song Surgeon during a google search for a tool to help with learning songs. I down loaded the free trial version and after working with it a few days decided to go for it and purchased the Pro version. Great choice!

    So happy with my purchase that I felt I needed to let my musician blog followers in on it too.

    It is so freaking cool what it can do. Even my son who is a Video/Audio tech professional said he had never ran across anything like Song Surgeon.

    Tr it out!

    Works perfectly for my needs.
    Name: Ken Carpenter Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Acoustic Guitar Competitor:    Riffmaster
    Band Member: No Location:    Prescott, AZ


    Yes, I do like the software Song Surgeon! I'm having trouble with using the Main Sniffer, it doesn't work properly on my Mac. I do appreciate the quick response I get when I have a question, James Todd responds very quickly and I appreciate the assistance and help.

    Right now Song Surgeon is my main source for playing along with the band. It's excellent for working on my timing and chord changes.


    Couldn’t do it without SS.
    Name: Steven Green Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Backing Tracks for vocals Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Performer at pubs, restaurants, etc. Location:    Delafield, WI


    I use Song Surgeon to customize the backing tracks I use as accompaniment for my singing. Making key and tempo changes and complex song structure changes is critical to my performances. I use SS to shorten or lengthen songs, to rearrange song parts, to create song medleys. Using dual windows gives me great flexibility. If it were not for these capabilities I would not perform as I am able to adjust the songs and arrangements flawlessly to suit me. The zoom capability alone is amazing for great edits. I reduce or cut out long instrumental sections, change intros and endings, blend songs for medleys etc. Great tool. Would like capability to modulate to different key within a song and easier reverb changes but those are small things compared to all its great features. Like I said, couldn’t do it without SS.

    Name: Ken Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar and Keys Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Yes Location:    Atlanta


    I have both SS4 and SS5. I use SS4 for YouTube Sniffer to get the audio for songs and then SS5, with its newer features to work off of. I need to look at some of your instructional videos for singling out the instruments I'm working on though. Just haven't taken the time to do that. Love the product though. May get your Video Surgeon as well!

    Use it every day.
    Name: Bob Mahar Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Keyboards, Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Yes Location:    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


    I can use this flawlessly for practice and learning parts. For the folks in the band, I can export files in amended keys. The chord tool is already astonishing in my books ( feed it Still Crazy After All These Years by Paul Simon and see how accurate it is).

    Sure, you may have to apply yourself to a few missteps , but it is nearly always well within the ballpark and an invaluable tool. For someone who spent years , picking the needle off the turntable repeatedly in an attempt to learn parts or chords, this in invaluable and thank you for your continuing efforts

    Software is excellent..
    Name: John Pryde Instructor:    Have taught guitar but Not currently teaching
    Instrument: Guitar and vocals Competitor:    Amazing Slow Downer
    Band Member: Not at moment Location:    Sydney Australia


    Software is excellent. Still learning and working my way through the video tutorials which are clear and very helpful

    Probably little early to say definitively but from usage over last 3 months very happy with the software

    Song Surgeon and Video Surgeon.
    Name: Peter Tambroni Instructor:    Yes
    Instrument: Bassist Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Yes, Rock Band Location:    Oak Park, IL


    I’m a bassist and music teacher and being able to slow down performance to analyze bowings and fingerings using Video Surgeon is extremely helpful.

    I’m also impressed with Song Surgeon - the quality when slowing down audio is impressive. However I noticed that it has issues importing FLAC files. It will start to import them but the “Scanning Peaks” process never end.

    Song Surgeon actually helped me win an audition. Last summer I had two days to learn songs for a band and Song Surgeon was my tool of choice that helped. I have several audio programs to adjust pitch and speed but yours has the best quality and features.

    Thank you so much for this program..
    Name: Timothy Jelliman Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Starting Location:    Fort Beaufort


    Thank you so much for this program. I have been at my wits end and was on the verge of giving up. Untill I came upon this program my enthusiasm just rocketed. Changing a chord is such a nice tool to have. Absolutely no change when changing a chord. There is no disturbance in the song. You have really saved my life in music. Once again thank you.

    Tim Jelliman

    this is ...the best music editing tool available.
    Name: Lloyd Dobson Instructor:    NO
    Instrument: GUITAR Competitor:    None
    Band Member: ENSEMBLE Location:    CANADA


    have purchased Song Surgeon 5, and have been using it for some months. I totally agree with you that this is the best music editing tool available and I tell all my Musician colleagues of this fact.

    ithout a doubt the best value for a guitar player.
    Name: Clayton Williamson Instructor:    no
    Instrument: guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: no Location:    Ozark, MO


    As a guitar player I am confused with the chord diagrams shown in your latest update. The B & F# chord diagrams shown in 'Chord viewer' are correct as a guitar player views the neck. However, the Amaj chord diagrams as shown in 'Voicings' don't make any sense to me. Amaj in open position should show fingerings on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th strings on the second fret of the diagram from the top. The A chord shown is incorrect no matter which way you view the neck. What am I not seeing here? Much looking forward to this update. Been using your product for years. It is without a doubt the best value for a guitar player of any skill level available.

    { Clayton was correct. There were some mistakes with the voicings that have now been corrected. }

    It's accurate..
    Name: George Quinn Instructor:    sometimes
    Instrument: guitar Competitor:    Chordify
    Band Member: nope Location:    Madison Wi.


    I've used the slow-down feature on version 3 for years. It helped me play songs like Pinball Wizard and Pleasant Valley Sunday. It also gave me the ability to hear how recording at half-speed must have sounded to Les Paul.
    Now I'm thinking of upgrading to the Pro version because of the music doc features. One thing, though. I'd like to re-size the open file permanently instead of resizing the box each time I load a new file. I have a lot of music in each file.

    ...have grown to depend on it for much of my song editing and practice..
    Name: Craig Miller Instructor:    N/A
    Instrument: Saxophone and Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Yes Location:    Lititz PA


    I've been using Song Surgeon Pro 5 for about 8 months and have grown to depend on it for much of my song editing and practice. From day one the software performed as described. A couple days ago I invested in Band in a Box. Along with SS they make a powerful composing and training set up. I'm not sure if loading BIAB impacted it but Song Surgeon would not work properly after that. I contacted Song Surgeon Tech support via the ticketing process and within a 1/2 hour they got back to me. The problem was with some coding issues with my computer (not their product) but the tech support folks James Todd stayed at it until they had a customer who's software was working properly. I was skeptical because my experience with on line tech support hasn't been great but these guys really cared and saw the job through - even when it got a bit frustrating. Song Surgeon is a great produce and is backed up by a reputable company that cares about service after the sale.

    Very useful learning aid.
    Name: Mike Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Lead guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Not yet Location:    Ipswich, U.K.


    I like the facilities to slow down tracks, to set up loops, to adjust the speed of loops automatically between repetitions and the facility to set an interval between repetitions of a loop. Click track is also useful.

    I would like improved volume control (e.g. type in the volume setting), ability to reset a loop to its start speed easily, ability to set a delay at FIRST play of a repeating loop.

    Ideally loops within loops and better equalisation - e.g eliminate lead guitar and retain backing track would be great if possible.

    It's sometimes difficult to adjust start/end points of loops using the mouse, so it would be good if this could be easier.

    I don't know whether this is a unique use but I often open SS twice so that I can play a short loop until I'm ready and then play a longer loop containing the short loop and adjust this as required without needing to set up the short loop again.

    It gets better.
    Name: Bill Rapp Instructor:    no
    Instrument: guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: sometimes Location:    Chicago area


    I was disappointed initially but as I used it (and listened to the instructions)I find it works for what I need. My interest was downloading tunes from youtube and then being able to learn them by slowing down etc. I believed I could do this but couldn't. I needed to add Download SS 2. Also, I use an Ipad with the lyrics. It would be nice to get the tunes and lyrics on one screen.

    [The newest version 5, no longer has YT downloading capabilities. This is discussed in detail in the FAQ's on the front page of the site]

    Great Product.
    Name: Alan Burton Instructor:    In earlier years
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Retired Location:    Paintsville, KY


    Mr. Todd:

    I did download your Sound Surgeon software and I was amazed. I spent 50 years in broadcasting and just retired having sold my stations two years ago. I would have given my right arm for this software for production purposes. In addition to being in radio I have also been an entertainer since the early 60's. I hung up my rock and roll shoes a few years back and now perform in church. I used this software to change the tempo and key of a couple of tracks and found it amazing. I have near perfect pitch and very critical ears and I could hear absolutely no manner of distortion or phasing after applying the changes. It's like the tracks were recorded the way. I will be a registered user of your software and will highly recommend it to others. Well done.

    Alan Burton

    The Best Yet.
    Name: Terry Wilson Instructor:    no
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: no Location:    Eatonville, WA.


    This is not a baby step improvement. It blows the other versions out of the water. I seriously do not see how they can make any more major improvements to the program which means I won't have to buy a version 6.

    But they will probably prove me wrong and I'll be forking out more money down the line but for now I'm really a happy camper.

    I would not hesitate in recommending this software program to anyone..
    Name: Malcolm Clemmet Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Ex Band Member Location:    Co Durham England


    Hi Jim,
    Having recently retired I wanted to revive my guitar playing as a hobby. To assist me I purchased Song Surgeon 4, I found the program an incredible help, along with the regular tips (as an older person with limited tech ability) I found it easy to use. When Song Surgeon 5 became available I didn't hesitate to upgrade, and like SS4 a great program to use in all its aspects. You also provide fantastic back-up the response time is very rapid with clear concise instructions. I would not hesitate in recommending this software program to anyone.

    I love song surgeon!.
    Name: Ann Singleton Instructor:    no
    Instrument: Music Keyboard Competitor:    None
    Band Member: no Location:    Brunswick, GA


    I really like ss 5. I like the fact that it gives me the key and the chords of the song. I use it with recorded music that I purchase or download from youtube. I wish it had a sniffer though. But I still use ss 4 and video surgeon for that. I love the key changer, vocal stabilizer and slow downer.
    I have a nursing home ministry where I sing southern gospel and hymns for an hour and there is a lot of songs I can't sing without changing the key. I am so thankful for your software. Now I can sing almost any song that I want to. I also write songs and music. I'm sure SS 5 will be a beneficial tool for that as well.

    Awesome Product.
    Name: Parmesh Saini Instructor:    no
    Instrument: Keyboard, vocal recording in pro tools Competitor:    N/A
    Band Member: no Location:    Columbia, MD


    I recently bought SS Pro Ver 5 and am so glad to have found this product. It has been a struggle to change the pitch of backing tracks to match my vocals for creating cover songs. Not any. more. Very user friendly with excellent tech support!! Thanks Jim for creating this product.

    ..Song Surgeon really is a huge help for me..
    Name: Alois Bouda Instructor:    no
    Instrument: Keyboard Competitor:    None
    Band Member: yes Location:    Czech Republic


    Hi, Jim,
    Your Song Surgeon really is a huge help for me. And I'm sure, for all musicians, songwriters and arrangers as well. I'm (better said: I was) a professional musician my whole life. Fortunately I have very good hearing, I can tell absolute pitch exactly (when I hear a tone I can say which one it is, without help of a keyboard or other instrument). So soon my friends asked me to put on a paper the melody they had on a record. Even very long ago, when there were no tape recorders yet. (I'm 85 years old, was born long before the WW2 - 1932).

    As I grew up in Czechia taken by Nazis at that time, any kind of American music was prohibited, there were no records. Listening to the American radio or London was punished, even by death. So I developed an ability to write down a melody simultaneously with listening to it in the (American) radio. Fortunately they repeated the program periodically, twice or three times and so we could listen to it more than just once. Naturally it was not perfect, but it was the only way how to get the melodies played by Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller and many others. Later the communists in my country tried to eliminate western culture as well (Americans were bad guys again), but already we had tape recorders and it was a great help.

    Later I studied music at a conservatory of music, became a pianist, then a bandleader and a conductor at a musical theater in Germany. Now I am retired, but still active, of course adequately to my age. I write, transcribe arrangements for bands. Though some standard scores are in print and available, but mostly not original. They are often rearranged to be easier or in a lower key. But most musicians want to sound "exactly like" XYZ.

    I open the music in Surgeon, can choose a short part, slow it down and listen to it repeatedly until I am sure which instruments play which tones. I can repeat the procedure later, a day or two and make the necessary corrections. The equalizer is a great thing as well. Imagine: I have to decipher a big, fat sound, say, Count Basie full band voicing. I do it, part after part, not only vertically, but with the help of the equalizer horizontally as well. I emphasize high pitches and attenuate the low ones and thus hear mostly the trumpets without being disturbed by bass, trombones and baritone sax. Similarly with low sounding instruments. Of course, stereo record is helpful as it allows to concentrate on one channel only. Unfortunately the old recordings aren't stereo. It's really a pleasure for me to work with Song Surgeon.

    Best of the best.
    Name: Joe Valenti Instructor:    no
    Instrument: guitar and banjo Competitor:    None
    Band Member: no Location:    Rochester NY


    Your software is fantastic. If I had this when I was younger......

    Superior Technical Support..
    Name: Richard Putnam Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Several Competitor:    Audacity
    Band Member: No Location:    North Georgia


    I had been having trouble with a couple of unrelated other programs on my computer and initially couldn't get the Song Surgeon to download. Late one night I contacted Tech Support and had a reply waiting early the next morning. James helped me with reseting some parameters on my computer and then actually remotely downloaded the program for me including running some tests to be sure it was working properly. Now that's real service! The program has numerous short video tutorials that made it VERY easy for me to quickly jump into using it to change keys and change tempo with great-sounding results in making some soundtracks for Church. I am also excited about exploring the MANY more advanced features of the program to further customize my music. The whole program is really more than I expected. Thanks James for a great product at a very reasonable price.

    Perfect for the Job.
    Name: Doug Collins Instructor:    no
    Instrument: Voice Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Part of a duo Location:    St Mary's church Old Harlow UK


    Thank you for your E-mail. I use MP3 files to lead worship in my church and have found that Song Surgeon is perfect for dropping the key and or changing the tempo on various songs.

    Thank you for your regular E-mail giving instruction on the use of your products.


    Doug Collins.

    Great Upgrade.
    Name: Dan Lumsden Instructor:    no
    Instrument: Violin/Fiddle Competitor:    None
    Band Member: sometimes Location:    Florida


    S 5 is really a great upgrade from 3 and 4. BPM works for me as I can adjust to where the group I play in with sets the tempo. Chords work well for the majority of the song but often, for example, will show C for several measures when the song calls for a 7th or another associated chord. Good news is I won't get in trouble playing the chord shown.

    BPM does not always give the option to halve the number it comes up with. However, that is easy to do and set a separate metronome.

    All in all, worth every cent and more. Good job!

    For me, SS5 is an investment, not an expense..
    Name: KC Instructor:    N/A
    Instrument: Bass Competitor:    other
    Band Member: Rock and Blues jam band Location:    Southern California


    I started playing guitar and bass in bands of the 60s where I learned songs by listening to the radio and moving the needle on my record player over and over. Sometime later I was slowing songs down with a reel-to-reel tape recorder; only half speed was available. It was a slow and tedious process. Since then I've tried everything else including many different software programs.

    The best is Song Surgeon 5 (SS5) slow-downer along with its 31-band equalizer where you have 30db of enhance and 60db of cut available.

    This means you can isolate or enhance each instrument. Right-clicking on the equalizer display and dragging the cursor to quickly and automatically set each frequency at the desired level makes it a breeze. The equalizer pre-sets are useful because they bring out subtleties in the music that you might not catch and many times, the pre-sets can achieve instrument isolation or enhancement with a couple of clicks.

    Combining all of that with being able to figure out chords, change pitch with vocal stabilization and the ability to slow down, loop, change eq. and record your own selected passages really increases learning efficiency. This only touches on some of the features available.

    A couple of unique things the 31-band equalizer allows you to do: re-mix a song and train your ears.

    Need to increase bass, highlight vocals or tone down the horns, SS5 can do it. Save the file and you have your songs mixed exactly how you like them.

    For you sound engineers, having a stereo 31-band equalizer to play with helps train your ears so can recognize when your studio or live mix goes off the rails or which frequency to change to improve specific instruments. This makes you much more efficient and professional.

    Even though you can start right to work with SS5, I do recommend studying the on-line manual and watching the training videos.

    For me, SS5 is an investment, not an expense.


    Satisfied User.
    Name: Donald Kefauver Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Bass Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: No Location:    Frederick, MD


    I am a long time electric bass player with not one note of natural music ability. I've tried a couple of music aides over the years and was at the point of giving up when I discovered Song Surgeon 3.0. In short, Song Surgeon is the best software on the market and has kept me playing. I have learned more songs (correct to the original bass lines) than I would have any other way. A few quick tips. Use the absolute best recording you can find, a newer computer with an up to date sound card along with a quality set of headphones or speakers. It makes a difference. For you bass players, try bumping up the pitch about 12 semitones, slow the tempo down, then use the equalizer. I am still waiting for that software that can hear, determine the note and position on the fret board, then print out the song in tablature and music form. Come on Jim I know you can do it. I purchased Song Surgeon 5 Pro when it first came out along with Download Surgeon 2. Best money I've ever spent.
    Don K.

    Happy User.
    Name: George Burchfiel Instructor:    No. I am a Song Leader
    Instrument: Accoustic Guitar Competitor:    None
    Band Member: No Location:    Orange, CA USA


    To say that Song Surgeon is an important tool in my practice is an understatement. That would akin to saying a scalpel is an important tool to an actual surgeon. First, a little about what I do.

    I lead Sing Alongs at Senior Living communities. This is frequently emotionally uplifting AND I'm making dozens of dollars. I started out using hard copy song books but this became cumbersome to update so now I project lyrics on a 43" flat screen TV mounted on a tripod behind me. The words can be easily seen by the 20-35 singers. We sing over a backing track playing on a small Roland combo acoustic amplifier. I currently have ``140 songs in the play list and add a few each month.

    I am so thankful to have found SS (about a year and a half ago). It has made my life easier in many ways. It used to take me 10 to 12 hours to add a new song. No I can do it from start to finish in 3 to 4 hours, or much less if I already no the song.

    Once I have chosen a song and found a suitable backing track, the fun begins. I use SS loops, slow down, and chord indicator to learn the song myself. Then I alter the key and tempo to fit the capabilities of the specific group. This takes some guesswork and frequently requires redo's. Before SS, these redo's were a nightmare. Now it simply involves making the desired audio changes and pasting in a new file into my teleprompter software. Fantastic!

    BTW, the few times I have submitted requests for help, the response has been timely and instructive. The video tutorials are also beneficial.

    The benefit received compared to the cost of the program is exceptionally good. In fact, that too, is an understatement. The full truth is that the value received for the cost of Song Surgeon is probably the best satisfaction return I've ever received for any kind of software purchase in the 35 or so years I've been in and around computing; first in my business life and now in my music life.

    A happy user.
    George Burchfiel

    Great Product!!.
    Name: Brett Rice Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Bass Guitar Competitor:    Tascam Trainer
    Band Member: Yes Location:    Maryville, Tennessee (Go Vols!!)


    I'm a bass player in a rock band that plays cover songs all over east Tennessee, so I'm getting GREAT use out of both Song Surgeon 5, AND Download Surgeon 2.

    Thank you for creating such an awesome product. :-)

    -Brett Rice

    Fabulous program.
    Name: Dr Ian Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Various Competitor:    None
    Band Member: No Location:    Great Britain


    I have used Song Surgeon for some while and now that version 5 is here it has improved the already excellent. A superb program. I use other audio recording programs but none has the ability to speed up and slow down sound tracks with such precision. The simplicity of the change key in version 5 is remarkable and so accurate.

    The program is used mainly to produce and adjust accompaniment for singing hymns and songs in church and Christian meetings where we do not have a competent musician. It is invaluable. It is especially helpful when I travel to the third world to lead meetings where there are no instruments available for congregational singing.

    The best.
    Name: Dick Foster Instructor:    no
    Instrument: Guitar Acoustic and Electric Competitor:    None
    Band Member: no Location:    Scottsdale, AZ


    I really like the new Song Surgeon 5 software. I use it every day. I purchase and use online guitar lessons and copy the examples to Song Surgeon and slow them down, use the speed trainer, key change, and many of the other features. I also have a Set List Teleprompter App on my I pad and I put all my vocals lyrics on the Ipad and the audio on Song Surgeon. I use both at the same time. Slowing things down really helps me learn the songs fast. I had one small glitch with the progress line but support was great and solved the problem fast. Very satisfied.

    I kept Song Surgeon 4 because of the sniffer but don't use the sniffer much but it is handy sometimes.

    Thanks for the great software
    Alonzo (Dick) Foster

    Awesome practice tool.
    Name: Rob Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Bass, Guitar, Drums Competitor:    Riffstation
    Band Member: Yes Location:    Brisbane Australia


    Awesome product, love using it. It will replace riffstation and logic pro for learning new songs, transposing and practicing upcoming sets.
    Great to have all the tools that I need in one program.I can take a Sunday set list and quickly put together a practice aid with songs transposed to the correct key (and no Barry White or Alvin) and the chords accurately identified.
    Even better, the equaliser presets allow me to quickly grab an idea of the drum patterns or bass patterns on the recording. No point doing it the hard way!
    Previous three or four step process is now available in one product that WORKS!

    Excellent program.
    Name: Jay Heitzmann Instructor:    Yes
    Instrument: Various in Studio Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Duet Location:    MIssissippi


    I gave the SS5 a 4 star for one reason only. I haven't had time to go thru all it can do. If it performs as well as the accurate chord naming...I'd give it a 5 star. I feel certain 5 is in the making.
    It is truly an excellent program that I have begun to use in our studio. It can change keys(wo changing speed) and visa versa. It can read and display the chords on a CD. It does so much more than I have tried.
    In our studio....if meter needs to be change or key....push the button and its done. You can't go wrong with SS5. I also have the Video Surgeon. Another fine program.
    Download their trials and you will be glad you did.
    By the way... the support is great.

    My new use for Song Surgeon.
    Name: Jay Custin Instructor:    No
    Instrument: N/A Competitor:    None
    Band Member: No Location:    Virginia


    Yesterday I had a revelation. I've got a new use for my Song Surgeon... Spanish. I grabbed a WAV of a YouTube newscast in Spanish, imported it into Song Surgeon, slowed it down (-25%) and presto "News in slow Spanish" ala Song Surgeon. WOOHOO!

    Thanks YET AGAIN for Song Surgeon.


    SongSurgeon 5 = Lifesaver.
    Name: Jay Custin Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Martin D28 acoustic electric six-string Competitor:    None
    Band Member: No Location:    Southwestern Virginia


    I have owned Song Surgeon for several years and have used it SOME to learn a new song, but my world changed with the release of SS-5, specifically the chord-recognition feature. I serve as a worship leader for our church's praise team. We lead worship from lead/chord sheets. Frequently the chord sheets from CCLI differ dramatically from live performance versions. The first rehearsal after SS-5's release I grabbed our keyboardist and mandolin player and asked them to toss out the title of any bluegrass song, entered the title in Youtube, grabbed the audio for it (which happened to include vocals), and then tossed that audio into SS-5, I hit play... and showed them the chord recognition feature... they seemed genuinely impressed... I just smiled because I knew what was coming. So then I hit play... the music started and then I hit pause and said, "Oh wait... those are kind of difficult chords... let me bring it down some..." I hit play and then changed the key on-the-fly and watched as their jaws dropped (heck... more like fell off their faces). I then slowed it down and they were immediately asking me how to get a copy.

    I now REGULARLY use SS-5 in parallel with Youtube videos to learn how artist X, Y, and Z lead worship, sing some song, what have you. I have also now exactly what I need to finish a life-long goal of a guitarist version of our hymnal. As someone who has never had piano instruction, while I can READ music, I don't recognize chords. I can now take the CD recordings of our hymnal, feed them into SS-5, and now provide a guitar-friendly (key+capo) of the hymnal.

    Forever in awe of the "magic" of SS-5!


    I really appreciate your dedication to making good products..
    Name: Jim Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Violin Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Yes Location:    California


    Thanks Jim.

    I have to say, I really appreciate your dedication to making good products. I also use your Song Surgeon now Song Surgeon 5 which I love as well as Download Surgeon. I find your responsiveness to questions a suggestions second to none.

    Thank You!


    The best Song software that exists!.
    Name: Mary LaFleur Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Bass Competitor:    mTrax
    Band Member: Yes Location:    Alberta, Canada


    I used mTrax for years and it is a good product for a slow downer, but that is it! I have owned and used Video Surgeon for quite a few years as well. The Song Surgeon is light years ahead of mTrax. The most outstanding feature that sets it apart from other software, is it's ability to add the chords to the song with good accuracy. I use it to practice tunes that our band is learning. It is not difficult to edit that line. At first I had a problem, but a prompt response from the help desk resolved that.
    Another outstanding feature is the removal of the chipmunk singing! Just a click on a very well, simple to understand menu that is handily beneath the player.
    I was disappointed that the sniffer was removed, but there is a fix for that as well. In addition, the Song Surgeon will strip the music from videos that I have on my computer, including those I have in Video Surgeon.
    An awesome program which I highly recommend to all.

    The key change, speed alteration and the EQ on the Pro version are really outstanding in quality and I mean outstanding...
    Name: Hugh Gilmour Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar, Keyboards Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Bands & solo performer Location:    Great Britian


    I have played in various bands for some fifty years now. I play guitar and keyboards and although I have played in various lineups over the years I have be performing solo for the past eight years. My gigs are normally social, bowling, golf clubs etc. When I first started paying around with audio backing track I tried a couple of programmes but I tried your song surgeon 3 demo and just liked how easy it was to use. I did the upgrade to SS4 pro and now upgraded to SS5 pro.

    Hi, I would just like to congratulate James and his team on this fabulous version of Song Surgeon 5. I have the Pro version which I strongly advise you guys to use. I have only had the programme for a couple of weeks and have not used all the functions yet but I would like to say that the key change, speed alteration and the EQ on the Pro version are really outstanding in quality and I mean outstanding.

    Cheers and Best regards,
    Hugh Gilmour, UK

    If I want to hear the transposed song cleanly Song Surgeon is far and away the better choice...
    Name: Bill Schmidt Instructor:    Yes
    Instrument: Guitar / Bass Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Yes Location:    USA, Oregon


    As a musician and a guitar and bass teacher i find song surgeon 5 to be incredibly helpful. I had been using riff station and it is pretty good but you have to build loops and the interface is a little clumsy. The beat and chord detection between it and song surgeon are somewhat comparable. Song surgeon stands out with its ability to slow things cleanly. Also as a musician I get handed charts in other keys all the time. If I want to hear the transposed song cleanly Song Surgeon is far and away the better choice. The ability to EQ a transposed track and listen to something other than mud is a fantastic thing. I haven't even dug into the recording and editing options yet and I can safely say that it is worth the money.

    Bill Schmidt
    Guitar instructor
    Destination Music Education
    Church and gigging musician

    Thank you James for one of the finest programs I have ever bought..
    Name: James Foster Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Guitar / Keyboard Competitor:    None
    Band Member: No Location:    USA, West Virginia


    James, seldom am I impressed these days with hype about a product because so few live up to the promise, but you have. I am pleasantly surprised. While I am still figuring out the program I can tell already that you just blew Riff station out of the water.

    I have had Riff Station for quite a while but it has never worked well for me and they seldom ever do an upgrade. Its accuracy leaves a lot to be desired. That is why your product blew me away with its Key and chord identification.

    I tab for guitar sites and now I am afraid I'll lose my ear for chords and looks like I'll have to brush up on flat 7ths suspend 5ths LOL.

    I consider myself and advanced player. I record on my home studio with Presonus studio two Professional and write music. I am currently under contract to BMI but as yet never achieved fame, not really wanting to. I have one song that has a lot of interest about Glen Campbell.

    I play a Fender Strat and Fender Baritone plus Fender and Ovation 12 strings. I play a Peavey Power slide and Yamaha Keyboard. Yamaha Electric drums and MIDI controller on my recording software. I tried instructing but hated it. It reminded me too much of flight instructing years ago.

    Thank you James for one of the finest programs I have ever bought. Really, I hardly ever compliment anyone or anything but you have created a unique product and I wish you much success with it.

    I wanted to see how well the key detector worked on something I already knew. I’m amazed!..
    Name: Bo Martin Instructor:    No
    Instrument: Bass Guitarist Competitor:    Amazing Slow Downer
    Band Member: Yes (2 of em) Location:    USA, Ohio


    WOW!! Been using Song Surgeon since version 3. Just installed 5 Pro. Loaded up one of my version 4 projects with no issues.

    I wanted to see how well the key detector worked on something I already knew. I’m amazed! I play bass and the notes were spot on. I have 40 songs to learn for a gig this weekend. My life just got WAY EASIER!!!!! And this is only after 5 min’s of using it. Great Job!!

    “….it has exceeded all my expectations.”..
    Name: Lou O. Instructor:    Guitar and Drum Trainer
    Instrument: Violin Competitor:    None
    Band Member: Church Musician Location:    USA, Colorado


    I am a new user to Song Surgeon. I play violin and guitar at church and am an intermediate player of both instruments. When I ordered Song Surgeon I was not sure what I was getting. It turns out that it has exceeded all my expectations. So far it has done everything it is advertised as doing. I was trying to play along with some pre-recorded accompaniment of a couple of fast and fairly difficult pieces of music. Being able to slow down the music allowed me to learn the pieces much more quickly than I could have otherwise. I also found that the voice reduction software worked very well. The voice part is not completely eliminated but is acceptably reduced.

    I ran into one slight problem and submitted a ticket. The response was detailed and extremely prompt. Also, the user guide is very thorough, and the video instructions are great. I have been recommending this program to all my musician friends.

    Lou O

    Version 4 Comments

    Song Surgeon has Made My Life as A Music Teacher much Easier.
    Name: Neil Hogan Competitor:   N/A
    Band/Teacher: Online Guitar Instructor Website:     www.TotallyGuitars.com
    Type of Website: Online Guitar Instruction and Membership site


    It is the best tool I have ever used to improve my technique as well as a huge time saver.
    Name: Daniel Davis Competitor:   N/A
    Band/Teacher: Bass Guitarist Website: N/A
    Type of Website: www.bandmix.com/dan501421/


    It is the best tool I have ever used to improve my technique as well as a huge time saver. Very easy to operate and extremely accurate especially with key and tempo changes.

    It has allowed me to jump forward with arrangements as well as dissecting parts - 10 fold. Hands down the single best tool I have ever worked with. Huge time saver when learning new material.

    I am a guitarist and love SS. I use it almost every day.
    Name: Ron Boyd Competitor:   N/A
    Band/Teacher: Guitarist Website: N/A
    Type of Website: N/A


    Song Surgeon has been an integral part of my set up almost since day 1. It has been fundamental to my progress as a player.

    I have played in several bands over the years as a bassist and had the pleasure of opening for such acts as Def Leppard and UFO.

    I am a guitarist and love SS. I use it almost every day. Looking forward to SS5 in due course. Many thanks again.

    Tascam Trainer GT-1 Comparison to Song Surgeon by a guitarist and owner of both
    Name: N/A Competitor:   Tascam
    Band/Teacher: Guitarist Website: N/A
    Type of Website: N/A


    One of the most useful and easy to use software packages to emerge in recent years
    Name:   Matt Warnock Competitor:   N/A
    Band/Teacher:   N/A Website:   www.jazzguitar.be
    Type of Website: A website for jazz guitar lessons and tutorials.


    When heading to the practice room in the 21st century, jazz guitarists have a treasure trove of material and tools at their disposal to choose from when setting up their daily and weekly practice routines. With so many apps and software packages to choose from, it can be difficult to know where you should spend your money in order to get the most bang for your buck in the woodshed.

    One of the most useful and easy to use software packages to emerge in recent years is Song Surgeon. Designed to allow guitarists of all levels of experience to slow down, loop, change the key and even download their favorite songs from Youtube, Song Surgeon is a must-have tool for any student of jazz guitar.

    For the full review, visit http://www.jazzguitar.be/blog/song-surgeon-4-review/

    An Extremely Useful Tool for Any Musician.
    Name:   Eric Parsons Competitor:   N/A
    Band/Teacher:   Bass Guitarist Website:   www.bassmusicianmagazine.com
    Type of Website: It's a free online bass magazine and social media outreach speaking directly to tech-savvy bass players, gear enthusiasts and industry professionals around the world.


    I find Song Surgeon to be an extremely useful tool for any musician who needs to transcribe musical parts, particularly when on a short time frame.

    For the full review, visit

    Song Surgeon is easily the most comprehensive of the slowdowner software.
    Name:   JRubins Competitor:  Amazing Slowdowner and Transcribe
    Band/Teacher:   Multi-Instrumentalist Website:   www.banjohangout.org
    Type of Website: It's an online banjo community website that features forums, reviews, tabs, audio and video archives for banjo players.


    Song Surgeon is easily the most comprehensive of the slowdowner software reviewed for many reasons. Even after working with Song Surgeon for a few months, I'm sure I have not exhausted all of its features, but what I have used and continue to discover makes Song Surgeon the runaway winner. If players prefer a straightforward interface with clearly marked controls to control pitch and tempo, both Amazing Slowdowner and Transcribe! handle these basic functions well. As the Transcribe! website explains, its focus is to give musicians greater control over the track, primarily for the purpose of assisting the transcription process, not necessarily to create customized lessons.

    For the full review of 3 Slowdowner Programs (Amazing Slowdowner, Transcribe and Song Surgeon), visit http://www.banjohangout.org/blog/31636

    This is the best slow downer on the market!
    Name:   M. Armstrong Country/State: U.S.A
    Band/Teacher: Guitar Instructor Competitor: NO
    Instruments: Guitar


    I use Song Surgeon almost every day. I'm a Guitar Teacher and performer in the Providence, RI area and have been using Song Surgeon for about four years. I try to get as many of my students to also purchase Song Surgeon, I think it is invaluable as a tool for learning music. It helped me experience a 40 year epiphany in my understanding of music. If I only had this when I first learning. Back then I only had Marantz cassette recorder that could slow music to half speed, with a corresponding octave drop in pitch. And I still learned a lot from that. Song Surgeon blows that technology out of the

    Also, earlier this week I purchased Video Surgeon for the Mac. In the little time I've had it, I'm already excited by the potential of this technology.

    "  Good luck with the app and get us V5 real soon now. "
    Name: Dan Lumsden Country/State: n/a
    Band/Teacher:n/a Competitor: n/a


      As a 73 year old violin student trying to become a fiddle player the main application is a godsend.  I can plug my Cecilio electric violin into the microphone jack on my Lenovo tower.  That comes into my left ear, with Song Surgeon 4 I can play only the right ear and see if I can stay on the beat.  The new chord identification in V5 will be a great help to my learning to identify key and add in the chord by double stop on the instrument. Good luck with the app and get us V5 real soon now.

    20 of my 24 students are now using Song Surgeon
    Name: James Howard a.k.a. Curtis Fairchild Competitor:   N/A
    Band/Teacher:   Guitar Instructor Website: N/A
    Type of Website: N/A


    A While ago, a student and friend of mine recommended that I get a program called Song Surgeon. As a minimalist and as a skeptic, I don't look for more things to clutter up my computer and my house - and I don't believe everyting works as well as I am told it does. I went ahead, I bought it and within just a few hours, I relaized the potential it had for my teaching project. I have 24 students, and every single student, except for four - so 20 of them, now have Song Surgeon....

    "  I have been using it for about 3 months and I really like SongSurgeon a LOT. It helps me tremendously to make the most of my recorder (Alto, wooden flute) lessons "
    Name: Regina Waschko Country/State: n/a
    Band/Teacher:n/a Competitor: n/a
    Instruments:Alto Wooden Flute


      I have been using it for about 3 months and I really like SongSurgeon a LOT. It helps me tremendously to make the most of my recorder (Alto, wooden flute) lessons. My music teacher plays the piece with excellent articulation. When he plays I record it, yet while he plays it I can’t pick up on the articulation since he plays it fast and those 2 or 3 minutes are gone far too fast. Yet when I open the file later with SongSurgeon I create loops, I use the “endless” repeat button, I slow down those loops and then I listen for details over and over. Then I play with “my teacher” low speed and I use the speed training to get faster and improve my playing to finally play “without my teacher”. I really rejoice when I can imitate those trills and “ornaments”, and I just love it when “difficult parts” which first seem to be out of reach turn into something I can play with ease and finally develop my own style.

    Your product works GREAT!!!
    Name: J. Fordham Country/State: New Iberia, LA
    Band/Teacher: Instructor Competitor: NO
    Instruments: Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin, Keyboards, Saxophones, Flute, Harmonicas, Banjo


    Your product works GREAT!!!  I've used it so far on Guitar, Sax, Fiddle, Flute.

    You really don't know what you are missing until you use it
    Name: P. Sangster Country/State: Ireland
    Band/Teacher: Yes (Band) Competitor: NO
    Instruments: Bass


    Songsurgeon is a blessing for people like myself who do not read music well enough to learn a large number of songs in a short time and perhaps never play these again. It has a user friendly interface and provides the key elements for musicians to learn songs and practice essential technical skills - especially for bass. I am amazed when I tell people about the Programme and sometimes wonder if they ever follow up on it. You really don't know what you are missing until you use it.

    Customer Service:

    By way of interest is this a family business? If so I hope it remains so and is not overtaken by a large company who quickly forget to provide the customer service I have experienced from yourself.

    Very helpful/effective software!
    Name: J. Battista Country/State: Canada
    Band/Teacher: Yes (Instructor) Competitor: No
    Instruments: Jazz Guitar


    I have used Song Surgeon to transcribe some Jazz Guitar introductions to vocal tunes. Very helpful/effective software! Thanks - very happy with your product !

    An amazing program
    Name: H. Chu Country/State: Florida
    Band/Teacher: NO Competitor: NO
    Instruments: Voice


    Thank you so much for making such an amazing program. If I knew about this, I would have bought this a long time ago. I have been a worship team leader for 7 years now. Song surgeon makes my church devotion work lighter and more exciting since now we can sing songs that we couldn't sing before!

    Best in technology and back-up support
    Name: S. Younger Country/State: Sydney, Australia
    Band/Teacher: NO Competitor: NO
    Instruments: Guitar ,mandolin ,banjo, bouzouki


    I'm telling all my music pals it's the best not only in technology but back up support is always first class.

    I am happy with the software and would recommend it
    Name: G. Lindsay Country/State: England
    Band/Teacher: Yes Competitor: No
    Instruments: Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute


    I am a Woodwind teacher and I purchased Songsurgeon for two purposes.... 1. To slow tracks so that my pupils can hear fast passages of music in detail and understand the articulation executed by the soloist...2. Some playalong tracks are in awkward keys for the less competent students and Songsurgeon provides a quick and accurate change of key to help the student play along with the tracks. I am happy with the software and would recommend it to anyone looking for a useful classroom or home studio software program.

    I could not be doing what I like to do without Song Surgeon.
    Name: J. Wood Country/State: Oregon, US
    Band/Teacher: Yes (Symphony/Orchestra) Competitor: Amazing Slowdowner
    Instruments: Classical singing


    In a nutshell, I could not be doing what I like to do without Song Surgeon. One advantage over most other music processing software packages is the ease with which I can take off the audio alone from a video. There may be other processors that do so, but I haven't found them.

    Your program makes it all possible.
    Name: C. Belletti Country/State: NYC, USA
    Band/Teacher: Yes (Instructor) Competitor: No
    Instruments: Voice, trumpet, keyboard


    I am a professional musician. I've been playing piano and singing without a day job since 1981. The last 4 years or so I started singing with tracks to supplement my performance. It's not always easy finding karaoke tunes in my key. I asked some karaoke performers and DJ's if they knew of any programs to change keys. About a month ago my bother told me about your program. What a miracle!!!!!! I can't stop raving about it. I've already told other musicians and non- musicians about it. I tell everybody who will listen. I've been singing tunes that are not really in my key fudging around up and down to make them sound acceptable...especially Sinatra tunes. Everyone loves them but they are not in an alto woman's key. Your program makes it all possible. I'm making lists of all the songs I want to sing and haven't been able too (sic). I can't stop... I get up in the morning and go right to the computer. Music is my life and you have made my life so much easier.

    Very effective
    Name: J. Battista Country/State: London, Canada
    Band/Teacher: Yes Competitor: No
    Instruments: Guitar


    I find Song Surgeon to be very effective in transcribing jazz guitar parts. Listening at a slower pace (with accurate pitch) really helps on fast passages. The versatile EQ also helps suppress the vocalist part quite effectively to let the guitar "ring through". An example of an accurate transcription of a guitar intro to a Diana Krall tune can be found below, with much thanks to Matt Wampler for fine tune editing. http://mattwampler.com/category/transcriptions/guitar/russell-malone-guitar

    I have recommended Song Surgeon to nearly every gospel group we work with.
    Name: L. Rogers Country/State: Barberton, OH
    Band/Teacher: Yes Competitor: No
    Instruments: Voice


    I am a very happy user of Song Surgeon, first in version 3 and now in version 4. I sing in a gospel group. We use performance tracks and being able to change the key of a track so easily, as well as the speed, has been a God-send.We can do this on our way to a concert. I also like that the volume issues are much better on version 4. I have recommended Song Surgeon to nearly every gospel group we work with. I am so glad to have found this program.

    Thanks for a great product!
    Name: D. Davis Country/State: Oxnard, CA
    Band/Teacher: No Competitor: No
    Instruments: Voice


    I am extremely happy with your software. I use it occasionally for key changes and with your software the quality is so much better than what I had been using. I work with music tracks both with gospel and with secular music and occasionally need to change the key which works out so much better than my old fashioned way with the key changer on my equipment (which left much to be desired)! Thanks for a great product!

    Very user-friendly
    Name: G. Stagg Country/State: Victoria, Australia
    Band/Teacher: Yes (band) Competitor: Band in a Box
    Instruments: Voice, guitar


    I find it very user friendly and my Muso friends have commented on the quality of the altered arrangement. I am more than satisfied with Song Surgeon and have advised my friends where they can purchase it. I have downloaded the Demo of Video Surgeon and will be having a "play" very soon. Thank you for a great product.

    The product has been brilliant and has helped Jodi with her backing tracks and she had success on TV recently in Britain's Got Talent
    Name: Jodi Bird (singer on Britain's got talent) Country/State: Great Britain
    Band/Teacher: Yes (Instructor) Competitor: N/A
    Instruments: Voice


    "The product has been brilliant and has helped Jodi with her backing tracks and she had success on TV recently in Britain's Got Talent"

    Name: Kenny Salter Country/State: USA
    Band/Teacher: Online Guitar Instructor Competitor: N/A
    Instruments: Guitar


    "I spent a lot of my younger years listening intently to the records and cassette tapes (yes, tapes...CD's came out many years later). Slowing down the recordings was my secret sauce for learning note-for-note accurate solo's. Back then I used an old analog turn table (aka a record player) to slow down my vinyl records. Today I use Song Surgeon to slow down my recordings. I also use it to grab audio files from Youtube videos and the new Speed Trainer function is awesome for getting a Song, Riff or Lick from a crawl to full speed effortlessly"

    Kenny Salter

    The Most Efficient Product
    Name: Marc-Andre Seguin Country/State: UK
    Band/Teacher: Online Guitar Instructor Competitor: N/A
    Instruments: Guitar


    "The ability to hear, again again, the same passage of music in a loop is the mother of all musical memorization: I recommend it to all my students. Learning what great players of the past played is of utmost importance for all up and coming jazz guitarists. On top of it, if you have the option to play back melodies and chords slowed down to a pace where you can really understand and hear everything, that's a big bonus! It's like driving slower to enjoy the scenery.

    I have used several "slowdown and loops" software and Song Surgeon is by far the simplest and most efficient product."

    Amazing Edge
    Name: Chris Elmore Country/State: USA
    Band/Teacher: Online Guitar Instructor Competitor: N/A
    Instruments: Guitar


    "Being able to slow down music is a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to learning to play your favorite songs on the guitar. Most people either listen and try to play along ... or hop online only to find sketchy tabs or worse, different tab versions and not know which one is right?

    But finally being able to slow down the actual song itself using a piece of software ... this gives the average guitarist an amazing edge. I still remember pressing the rewind button a gazillion times on my parent’s cassette player in order to learn a simple lead before we went out on stage. It was a nightmare and took forever, but now if you're able to slow down a particular song (or even just a segment) ... that would be awesome and make it so much easier to get ahead as a guitarist.

    It Really Helps
    Name: Tony Aja Country/State: USA
    Band/Teacher: Online Guitar Instructor Competitor: N/A
    Instruments: Guitar


    When I began teaching myself to play lead guitar some 40 years ago, there was only one way to do it: learn the licks and riffs that the Guitar Gods of the day were playing. Unfortunately, there were no learning tools for that process back then except to buy the record and spend hundreds of hours literally playing one area of the song by picking up the tone arm and placing down on that important riff section over and over and over again until you got it right. To help slow the riff down we had to rub one hand against the record to slow down the turntable motor so you could hear it better.

    TODAY it is as easy as tying a Velcro shoe. With the use of computer software, all you have to do is open the song file, slow down the lead sample and loop it till the end of time and you got it. Plus, you can change the key of the lick with or without changing the tempo. The possibilities are endless and provide a means for immediate accomplishment. By the way, if you are interested in the best software out there for doing all these new things I mentioned above, go check out a product called SONGSURGEON. I use it as a teacher and a performer and it works effortlessly for me. I can learn my licks and prepare my lessons in no time flat.

    You've got to have it
    Name: Country/State: USA
    Band/Teacher: Online Guitar Instructor Competitor: N/A
    Instruments: Guitar


    There are toys out there created specifically for slowing down music. There's a cool one sold in a lot of music stores that allows you to pop in a CD, plug in your guitar, and play. Unfortunately, it retails for $129 or more. Honestly I think that's a bit much for an overblown CD player. There's another one out there that does the same with mp3s, but it runs like $300.

    I've got a better idea: Check out this new software called Song Surgeon. Song Surgeon does everything my $399 copy of Acid Pro or that overpriced CD player does – as far as slowing down a song, or a part of a song, and keeping it in pitch so you don't have to struggle the way I had to struggle through the years. It also allows you to loop a short section, so you can just listen to and play along with the one really hard part of a song over and over until you get it right. It's an awesome tool, and it sells for a fraction of the price of Acid Pro or that device they sell in a few music stores.

    I've used Song Surgeon and it's an awesome tool for any musician. If you're serious about learning guitar – especially if you're frustrated by trying to learn or keep up with the songs your favorite artist plays – you've got to get a copy of Song Surgeon.

    I am going to purchase the program immediately after [demo] expiration.
    Name: Leanna Boshoff Country/State: South Africa
    Band/Teacher: Band Competitor: NO
    Instruments: Electric and acoustic guitars; piano


    I am still using the program under the demo version, but I have been so impressed with everything it can do, especially the flawless and successful transposing of keys of the songs (WOW!!!), that I am going to purchase the program immediately after expiration. I find it to be a wonderful tool to use when transposing the key of my backingtracks!! Not wobbly noises and sound distortion anymore... How convenient!! It is a miracle indeed!!

    "It gave me a lot of flexibility and opportunities I wouldn't otherwise have in enhancing my performances."
    Name: Bill Fry Country/State: Michigan, USA
    Band/Teacher: N/A Competitor: None
    Instruments: Voice


    I'm pretty satisfied with Song Surgeon. It gives me a lot of flexibility and opportunities I wouldn't otherwise have in enhancing my performances. I do a lot of singing, must of it using CD's as accompaniment. So I download karaoke versions of songs and use SS to adjust the music to the style, tempo and pitch I want to use in performing, and burn a CD with the resulting "adjusted" music.

    Customer Service:

    A month or so ago, I was having trouble using the program. I contacted Jim Todd, and he spent a lot of time and exhibited far more patience than I as he worked to help me solve the problem. We ultimately concluded that there was a problem with my computer rather than SS. A close friend of mine who understands computers far better than I, was able to resolve that problem fairly quickly, but I truly appreciate Jim for staying with me... and even sending me a CD copy of the program to make sure I could re-instll SS, when my computer was operating optimally again. Again, thank you.  Your thoughtfulness in helping your customers make the best use of your program is impressive.

    Great product!
    Name: Lyle Baroski Country/State: North Carolina
    Band/Teacher: Yes Competitor: ASD, Transcribe
    Instruments: piano, electronic keyboards, drums, and I sing


    "Song Surgeon is the program I have been searching for, for many, many years. No matter what aspect of the music business you are in, there will be a time when you need to slow a song down to figure out a part, or the key needs to be changed for a vocalist's range. I have tried many other programs which could perform either "one or the other" function that I needed for my clients, but not both. I couldn't understand why there were no programs out there that could do both. I finally discovered Song Surgeon, the "Swiss Army Knife" of music file processing. Song Surgeon does it all, and the price is very reasonable for a program so powerful. For me, it is a life saver!Great product! I have been searching for something like this for a long time.

    " It's very useful for grabbing YouTube videos and playing them back at different speeds different keys "
    Name: Tom Dolan Country/State: n/a
    Band/Teacher: n/a Competitor: n/a
    Instruments:guitar and bass


      it's very useful for grabbing YouTube videos and playing them back at different speeds different keys , isolating or emphasizing certain instruments, and it helps me in my performances at church and at my home studio. I play guitar and bass.

    " This software works significantly better than pitch shift in Pro Tools "
    Name: Ainchamama (Google+ Name) Country/State: n/a
    Band/Teacher:n/a Competitor: n/a


      This software works significantly better than pitch shift in Pro Tools

    " As to Song Surgeon, I love it. We often have to build our own back tracks from some of the Christian artists "
    Name: Marty Beeson Country/State: n/a
    Band/Teacher:lead vocalist Competitor: n/a
    Instruments:acoustic guitar


      As to Song Surgeon, I love it. We often have to build our own back tracks from some of the Christian artists. Our kids on stage are mic'd up and we want to hear them singing. The same for my gigs out . it nice to have a back beat or back ground these days, it seems they want full bands but not willing to pay for it.

    " I am really pleased with your product. It does exactly what you say it does (as well as your advertising described). "
    Name: James Comito Country/State: n/a
    Band/Teacher:n/a Competitor: n/a


    I am really pleased with your product. It does exactly what you say it does (as well as your advertising described). The difference in clarity when using the slow down feature is remarkable. It is at least 50% better than the other options I have been using. I really appreciate the help you have described below. Thanks very much for a terrific tool for musicians.

    " I have had several “slow down” apps over the years, but none of them worked as well as Song Surgeon. "
    Name: Daryl Country/State: n/a
    Band/Teacher:n/a Competitor: n/a


      Thank you so much for letting me download this again. It works perfectly. I want to say this one thing. I have had several “slow down” apps over the years, but none of them worked as well as Song Surgeon. I am a guitarist so it fills my need perfectly. Song Surgeon slows down the song and the music is good and clear too. This is a great product and it should be in every musicians tool box.

    "  Great program and I know it will provide very useful in my studying of songs. "
    Name: Matthew Trice Country/State: n/a
    Band/Teacher:n/a Competitor: n/a


      I really enjoy Song Surgeon and its features. I purchased it a week or so ago. Great program and I know it will provide very useful in my studying of songs. Thanks for putting out a quality program.

    Song Surgeon is better than Amazing Slow Downer
    Name: Jeffrey Rubinstein Competitor:   Amazing Slow Downer
    Band/Teacher:   N/A Website: N/A
    Type of Website: N/A


    I love the program
    Name: W. James Country/State: Missouri, USA
    Band/Teacher: Previous Instructor Competitor: YES
    Instruments: Clarinet, Saxophone


    I love the program. I use its background tracks primarily. I play clairnet (sic), saxophone, and some guitar and mandolin, but I have not used it with these instruments.

    I love the program
    Name: W. James Country/State: Missouri, USA
    Band/Teacher: Previous Instructor Competitor: YES
    Instruments: Clarinet, Saxophone


    I love the program. I use its background tracks primarily. I play clairnet (sic), saxophone, and some guitar and mandolin, but I have not used it with these instruments.

    I'm using the basic S.S. program, but am very close to upgrading to the fantastic S.S. Pro.
    Name: S. Heroux Country/State: N/A
    Band/Teacher: N/A Competitor: N/A
    Instruments: N/A


    Right now I'm using the basic S.S. program, but am very close to upgrading to the fantastic S.S. Pro. When I read about all of it's features, it's definitely a program I'd want...I hope to someday "master" the Song Surgeon features, and upgrade to Pro.

    Customer Service:

    Thanks for your letter, I must say I've never seen such amazing follow-up, and updates to any music editing program.

    All I can say is WOW
    Name: R. Russell Country/State: N/A
    Band/Teacher: N/A Competitor: Riffmaster Pro
    Instruments: N/A


    All I can say is WOW, There are so many things you can do with Song Surgeon! Compared to Riffmaster Pro, It's like "Photoshop" vs windows media viewer or something. I went back and watched a couple of Riffmaster videos, and they were so plain and simple. Not much to do. Just slow down, change pitch, and loop, pretty much.

    Absolutely great product
    Name: B. Yundt Country/State: USA
    Band/Teacher: Yes (both) Competitor: NO
    Instruments: Guitar


    I'm a recent new user of Song Surgeon. Absolutely great product. After several years since I had a small rock group, I've picked up guitar again. Have used your product to slow down and learn several blues songs by E Clapton, BB King, others. Looking forward to using other aspects of Song Surgeon.

    Love it!
    Name: M. Kay Country/State: N/A
    Band/Teacher: N/A Competitor: N/A
    Instruments: Voice


    ...I am using song surgeon and having a ton of fun playing and singing country music.  I feel like I am playing with a full country band.  I used to sing years ago and just didn’t want to play in the bars anymore so I am having fun right at home.  I am changing keys and doing what I need to do. Thanks for the great SongSurgeon that allows me to sing in my key.   You guys are brains! Love it!

    Song Surgeon is my number one tool.
    Name: B. DeCesare Country/State: USA
    Band/Teacher: Yes Competitor: NO
    Instruments: Guitar


    With the small amount of time I have had to work with Song Surgeon, I have found it to be an immense time saver. Also it is fine tuning my ear to quarter and eight tone differentiation. The best thing about Song Surgeon, for my uses, is the ability to loop. I am always recommending song surgeon to my fellow musicians. I have been playing guitar for 66 years. Song Surgeon at this time is my number one tool.

    Invaluable as a learning aid.
    Name: M. McClean Country/State: Glasgow, Scotland
    Band/Teacher: Previous Instructor Competitor: Fender GDEC
    Instruments: Guitar


    I've found Song Surgeon invaluable as a learning aid.

    Super product!
    Name: G. Leganza Country/State: USA
    Band/Teacher: NO Competitor: NO
    Instruments: Electric guitar


    I really love the functionality in Song Surgeon and have told a couple musically inclined friends about it. Super product!

    The program has everything I could ask for.
    Name: D. Stanton Country/State: Arizona
    Band/Teacher: NO Competitor: Reed Kotler TR-400
    Instruments: Guitar, bass


    The Sound Surgeon has allowed me to take a song that, because it was recorded on tape which the speed was not accurate, was slightly off pitch, "re-tune" the song to match standard guitar tuning. After using the pitch change (about .74) it was easy to slow down and learn melody from the vocal. I bought a set of Bose speakers for my computer and the clarity and ease of use of Song Surgeon has opened new horizons for me. I am an intermediate level guitarist and the program has everything I could ask for. I am very happy with Song Surgeon.

    I heartily recommend Song Surgeon for anyone who takes their music seriously.
    Name: W. James Country/State: Missouri, USA
    Band/Teacher: Yes Competitor: Yes
    Instruments: Clarinet, Saxophone, Singer


    The Songsurgeon program is so easy to use that you can start using it to raise or lower the key, speed up or slow down the tempo and make other very practical changes within minutes of downloading it. These features are identified by tabs and easy to acess. I first used these features on the free sample hymn downloads at the Songsurgeon website. But, it wasn't until I downloaded the program that I found out how much more you can do with this program: the thirty-two channel equalizer with dozens of presets one can use if desired, the extremely simple tabulation function that let's you write and print musical scores ...great for song writers... with special presets for scoring music for string and percussion parts, the 'sniffer' that let's you download soundtracks from YouTube, and much, much more! I have been a Gospel singer and worship leader for many years and I can truthfully say that I wish that I had had Songsurgeon years ago. Since I sing with background trax most of the time, it would have enhanced my ministry tremendously. I heartily recommend Songsurgeon for anyone who takes their music seriously.

    I'm really happy with Song Surgeon.
    Name: A. Elderfield Country/State: Australia
    Band/Teacher: Yes Competitor: No
    Instruments: Voice


    I'm really happy with Song Surgeon. I use it mainly for changing key and tempo of backing tracks, as I sing professionally. I like the fact that there is minimal distortion when I do this. For me, the only improvement could be lessening the distortion and jumping even further, but at this stage it all works fine for me. Thanks so much for providing such useful software. I am now able to use backing tracks that I haven't been able to before due to them being in the wrong and becoming too distorted when I tried changing them.

    SongSurgeon works wonders
    Name: B. Howe Country/State: UK
    Band/Teacher: No Competitor: No
    Instruments: Guitar, Keyboard


    To be able to preserve the normal pitch whilst halving the playback time is a great timesaver. I used to playback at increased rate before I had SongSurgeon, but the "chipmunk effect" was too much! SongSurgeon works wonders - I can save half an hour or more on an hour-long lecture and still preserve my hearing / sanity.

    I'm learning songs 10x faster than I ever dreamed!
    Name: R. Veil Country/State: UK
    Band/Teacher: N/A Competitor: N/A
    Instruments: N/A


    I use Song Surgeon more than ANY other software I've *ever* had... I'm learning songs 10x faster than I ever dreamed!

    I always make a point of mentioning the slow-down facility when I can.
    Name: R. Squire Country/State: N/A
    Band/Teacher: N/A Competitor: N/A
    Instruments: Guitar


    Basically, I really love both Song Surgeon and Video Surgeon and am always talking about how useful these programs have been to me and many others. I always make a point of mentioning the slow down facility when I can.

    Name: G. Ritchie Country/State: Australia
    Band/Teacher: N/A Competitor: N/A
    Instruments: Flute


    I have been using Version 3 on my Mac for a while now and it is great. Really helping me with pieces as I learn the flute.

    I am impressed.
    Name: S. Smith Country/State: USA
    Band/Teacher: No Competitor: No
    Instruments: Trumpet


    You have an excellent product that I plan to purchase early this year after the demo time runs out. Congratulations on your great product. I am impressed.

    Song Surgeon made it easy for me to learn entire songs in minutes instead of hours.
    Name: J. Hernandez Country/State: N/A
    Band/Teacher: N/A Competitor: Riff Station
    Instruments: N/A


    As a musician, I like to emulate my favorate musicians by trying to figure out what they play. However, the process of spending hours hitting rewind and play every ten seconds to learn every note played in my favorite song, is a process I dread. I always wished there was something that could make learning a Johnny Winter solo easy as pie. Well my wish came true when I tried out the new software for my PC, Song Surgeon! Song Surgeon made it super easy for me to learn entire songs in minutes instead of hours. With its many awesome capabilities like slowing down the tempo, changing pitch, changing key octaves, vocal reduction for when vocals get in the way of notes that get covered up by singing, and one of the best parts, the looping feature. You can manually create multiple loops where ever you want a loop to start and end, with ease. There are so many things you can do with Song Surgeon that no other program can do, including Riff Station. With this new easy to use program you can dissect any song, and find out how every note is played. You can truly call yourself a Song Surgeon.

    A lot of fun to work with
    Name: P. McAviney Country/State: Alberta, Canada
    Band/Teacher: Instructor Competitor: Tascam
    Instruments: Guitar


    I haven't touched tascam since I got song surgeon. I must say it is a fantastic program. I like the fact that I can work with it visually on my laptop. Between looping the sections of songs and slowly speeding up the song as I get more proficient at learning them, I find that I am learning songs faster and better than I ever did with tascam. Thanks for putting out such a great program. Oh yeah, did I mention that it's a lot of fun to work with? Well done!

    I'm pleased with the software
    Name: P. Moir Country/State: UK
    Band/Teacher: No Competitor: Audacity
    Instruments: alto sax, tenor sax


    I play alto and tenor sax. Both are transposing instruments, but in different keys. I use SS to change the pitch of play-alongs so that I can use music bought for one instrument on the other and also to change concert pitch music into a more friendly key for the particular sax I'm playing at the time. I mainly change music by perfect fourths and fifths and less often by major seconds and minor thirds. I also find SS very helpful to slow down backing tracks while I'm learning a piece as many of them are rather too fast for comfort until I have the notes under my fingers. Sometimes this requires a major drop in tempo. Overall I'm pleased with the way the software works.

    Great product
    Name: J. McAloon Country/State: N/A
    Band/Teacher: Yes Competitor: N/A
    Instruments: N/A


    I use SS for teaching. GREAT PRODUCT!!

    Blown away with your product
    Name: L. Norred Country/State: N/A
    Band/Teacher: N/A Competitor: N/A
    Instruments: N/A


    I was absolutely blown away with your product. I provide the music and some recordings for our Jazz Educators group in my state, and I had been asked to use some recordings from previous years a la "greatest hits" for the all-state tryout music. Problem was several of the older recordings had been recorded 20 cents sharp (not my fault) making for a horrifying result when it was all assembled. I was at my wit's end because the final deadline was a couple of days ahead and needless to say you have the answer. I couldn't believe my ears but I adjusted it 20 cents and the recording was finally useable. I am forever indebted to you for a stellar performance when the chips were down. Bet you hadn't thought of that situation before or intended it to be used in such an odd way. I'm here to tell you that it works!

    SS is an essential tool for my singing and entertainment.
    Name: D. Carswell Country/State: New Zealand
    Band/Teacher: N/A Competitor: N/A
    Instruments: Voice, guitar


    I use SS for editing backing tracks for pitch and tempo. I must admit as to not using all the features but just yesterday used the loop function to break a song into repeatable segments to learn each verse. I have used the A-B function on my iPod for that in the past. SS is an essential tool for my singing and entertainment. Keep up the good work. Love the product.

    SS is an essential tool for my singing and entertainment.
    Name: D. Carswell Country/State: New Zealand
    Band/Teacher: N/A Competitor: N/A
    Instruments: Voice, guitar


    I use SS for editing backing tracks for pitch and tempo. I must admit as to not using all the features but just yesterday used the loop function to break a song into repeatable segments to learn each verse. I have used the A-B function on my iPod for that in the past. SS is an essential tool for my singing and entertainment. Keep up the good work. Love the product.

    Such an improvement that there is really no comparison.
    Name: B. Player Country/State: Baltimore Lake, N.C.
    Band/Teacher: No Competitor: Tascam
    Instruments: Guitar


    I am finding my way into Song Surgeon with the help of the Quickstart Guide and training videos. I've had a Tascam guitar trainer for several years, and I find this to be such a quantum improvement that there really is no comparison. I've used Song surgeon for about two weeks, and I am already blown away. I know that I have only scratched the surface of what it can do, but I can already see how much this will help me with my playing.

    This program has paid for itself 50 times over.
    Name: D. Parkhurstjr Country/State: N/A
    Band/Teacher: N/A Competitor: N/A
    Instruments: Guitar


    I use Song Surgeon all the time. It's an invaluable tool! You can use this thing called the sniffer which automatically downloads music from youtube and just about any music you can find online.

    You can also change the tempo and pitch of the song. In many other programs it starts to sound horrible when you do this. What I do is get the song that I'm working on with the student, make a loop of the part we are working on and then slow it down. As they get better I can create more loops with higher tempos until finally they have that part up to speed. I can continue like this and create as many loops and tempo changes as I would like and they all sound great! The new version has more new features. One of them is adjusting the EQ's. For me this program has paid for itself 50 times over. Great tool!!!

    Enjoyed it immensely
    Name: S. Green Country/State: N/A
    Band/Teacher: N/A Competitor: N/A
    Instruments: Voice, percussion


    Have enjoyed it immensely. I have a solo act of singing and playing drums to backing tracks I download on iTunes. Some songs I wanted to do we're (sic) in too high a key for me. SS allows me to adjust them. Also have used it to end some songs that dragged on too long, by fading them out.

    Great program
    Name: Denis Shoesmith Country/State: Australia
    Band/Teacher: No Competitor: Wavelab
    Instruments: DJ, Karaoke


    I am a musician entertainer. I'm also a DJ and do Karaoke. I find SS great for changing keys and tempo. I also do vocal recordings which requires finer editing. SS is a great program.

    SS saves me valuable time
    Name: M. Roche Country/State: San Lorenzo, CA
    Band/Teacher: Yes (Instructor) Competitor: Tascam
    Instruments: guitar


    I've been using version 4 with great success. I'm enjoying the looping features and watching some of the video tutorials. As a guitarist, I use SS to learn difficult music. Many of the solo parts I need to learn each week are not notated on my sheet music. SS quickly helps out saving me valuable time. As a music teacher, I've been using SS to record A & B sections of a particular song for my students so that we can rework these sections together. Also, I'm still learning about all the tools in the SS program. So keep those tutorials coming.

    Song Surgeon holds its quality even with large adjustments.
    Name: P. Fausner Country/State: Australia
    Band/Teacher: Yes (both) Competitor: Tascam
    Instruments: Guitar


    I have used a Tascam phrase/guitar trainer. There is absolutely no comparison in the quality of audio between the two. The Tascam starts to go watery/chorusy as soon as any pitch or tempo adjustment is made, even small amounts. Song Surgeon holds its quality even with quite large adjustments.

    Song Surgeon does a much better job than anything else I have tried
    Name: H. Carroll Country/State: Texas
    Band/Teacher: Choir Competitor: Riffmaster Pro
    Instruments: Voice; guitar; gossip music/contemporary Christian worship music


    I am occasionally asked to sing at our church. Most of the music I sing has been unavailable except as a cd so I have to make my own performance tracks. Having tried most of the karaoke software out there I have been very pleased with the ease and quality of the tracks where I have to atemp to remove the vocals. Song surgeon does a much better job than anything else I have tried and the church audio people have been really impressed with the sound quality. Please keep up the good work. I love the program.

    I'm really satisfied with Song Surgeon
    Name: C. Nichols Country/State: N/A
    Band/Teacher: N/A Competitor: Tascam
    Instruments: Keyboard


    I'm really satisfied with the Song Surgeon program. I play a Yamaha keyboard and use the Surgeon to learn riffs, or new songs by ear.

    It's working great. The best feature I like and use alot is the loop feature and the speed adjustment. Once in a while I use the key adjustment to change keys. I like it better than the Tascam Guitar Trainer which I used in the past because I'm able to load songs right from my laptop to the song surgeon instead of burning a CD and playing it thru the Guitar Trainer. Also I like the feature of saving a project I'm working on so the settings or adjustments I entered are saved.

    The most useful new tool in v.4 is the ability to turn loop bypass on and off.
    Name: T. Davenport Country/State: N/A
    Band/Teacher: Yes (band) Competitor: Tascam
    Instruments: Fiddle


    I bought a Tascam LR-10 recorder, which has capacity for various training adjustments. I have simply never bothered to learn those adjustments...I have no need to. I take the recorder to events and festivals, record a few tunes, feed the file into Song Surgeon, and work on the tunes. For me, the most useful new tool in v.4 is the ability to turn loop bypass on and off. It helps with learning the phrases, then putting them together.

    SS software is invaluable
    Name: (Tucker) Country/State: N/A
    Band/Teacher: N/A Competitor: N/A
    Instruments: Guitar, Bass


    For my wife and me the SS software is invaluable. We're both part time musicians. To have the capability to import a song and change the pitch to another key preferable for our vocals and actually learn the song without having to later transpose is quite a reduction in time and frustration. To be able to slow the speed for fast and intricate lead riffs such that each note can be "picked" out is just "crazy."... I could go on with its help in my learning guitar just goes without an adequate statement to describe its help. [Trying to compare Tascam to SS] would be like comparing a 120, floppy drive unit running Windows 3.1 to a computer operating on Windows 7 and a dual-quad processor...there is no comparison except that they are both computers, electronic and have a means for programming. The Tascam Trainer, although rugged and a quality piece of equipment, just doesn't have the capability to extensively slow the source to the extent of not being "herky-jerky" or import music or provide functionality for the serious musicians. Anyone wishing to compare can just simply look at owner's manuals and get a "close-up" and detailed idea of capability. I'm exceptionally happy with Song Surgeon and its versatility.

    Song Surgeon 4 is my top #1 music learning tool
    Name: F. Rivera Country/State: USA
    Band/Teacher: No Competitor: No
    Instruments: Guitar/Bass


    Song Surgeon 4 is my top #1 music learning tool that I use with PC laptop. The delivery method of TASCAM GT-R1 gets little use and seems cumbersome to use on a regular basis since using SS.

    Money well-spent
    Name: J. Sonoma Country/State: USA
    Band/Teacher: No Competitor: No
    Instruments: Karaoke


    Although I'm not a musician, being a finicky karaoke devotee can be demanding. Perhaps the most valuable tool in both my Song Surgeon programs is the clean key-changer, especially Version 4 with formant preservation. The EQ and editing functions have allowed me to take old analog karaoke tracks and resuscitate them to new popularity. Also, in version 4 I'm teaching myself ways to take what's called a multiplex karaoke track (left: teaching vocal, right: music track) and mix it into a music only track so I don't have to fumble with the L/R button on the players. My initial investments in both Pro versions wasn't even $200.00 total, and it was money well-spent.

    "I'm finding the distortion free slowing down to be very much better for my saxaphone progress."
    Name: Alan Sheasby Country/State:
    Band/Teacher: Competitor: Audacity
    Instruments: Saxaphone


    "Incidentally I'm finding the distortion free slowing down to be very much better for my saxophone progress. Previously I used Audacity, which is good but I found the distortion with it very distracting."

    "The facility to play and re-play recordings or specific sections is invaluable."
    Name: Gwyn Woolley Country/State:Yorkshire, UK
    Band/Teacher: Competitor:
    Instruments: Guitar


    some tracks are not accurately tuned and S.S. enables me to fine-tune the pitch until it’s spot-on. Other songs are simply recorded too fast, but S.S. enables me to adjust the tempo to what I want. The ‘sniffer’ mode is brilliant in enabling me to download a version of any unfamiliar song and so I can learn the melody. This saves me buying endless recordings and I always delete the download as soon as I have grasped the melody. I am pretty adept at working out the chord structures but some of the earlier songs are quite musically complex and the facility to play and re-play recordings or specific sections is invaluable.

    SS really helps!
    Name: Gord Gunther Country/State:Canada
    Band/Teacher: Competitor: None
    Instruments: Guitar


    I'm very satisfied with SS. I don't use nearly all the functionality, and could probably get a lot more out of it .. but, there's only so much time in a day !! Using it to load songs, and slowing them down to catch the nuances, looping, changing keys, transposing etc. has been great.

    Customer Service:

    I have to say, Your customer service is exceptional. I haven't had many issues, but the times I have, your responsiveness and the quality of the answer is awesome.

    "It's best features are it's pitch change and export."
    Name: Mark Scuorzo Country/State: New Jersey, USA
    Band/Teacher: Both Competitor: Tascam Trainer
    Instruments: piano/keyboard


    It's best features are it's pitch change and export. So many songs are sped up or slightly detuned when recorded. It's so simple to match to A440 and then play an entire set without re-tuning.

    Customer Service:

    Thanks for such a quick and helpful response!

    Without a means to slow down a song or a lesson, I'm certain that I would have given up long ago.
    Name: Dean Reed Country/State: USA
    Band/Teacher: Competitor: Riffmaster


     I started playing guitar about 4 years ago. Without a means to slow down a song or lesson, I'm certain that I would  have given up long ago. With it, I'm convinced that I can learn to play anything I set my mind to....and I have! 

    Customer Service:

    Thank you for correcting my error with such great service!!!

    "Excellent pieces of kit!"
    Name: Arthur Whyatt Country/State: Lincolnshire, UK
    Band/Teacher: No Competitor: Boss RC 50 Loop Station
    Instruments:Electric and acoustic guitars; banjo; fiddle; blues harp


      I have both Song-Surgeon and Video-Surgeon. I am very satisfied with both programs which in my opinion are "excellent pieces of kit"! I have also been very content with your Customer Support.

    Customer Service:

    "I have been very pleasantly impressed with the attitude, quality, and promptness of your support over the last nearly six years on the very few occasions that I have needed help with your software."

    "  I use Song Surgeon 4 for our band practices "
    Name: Dorothy Phelan Country/State: n/a
    Band/Teacher:Band member Competitor: n/a


      "I use Song Surgeon 4 for our band practices. I cut my practice files out of my Yamaha Pocket 2G, place them in my ""Practice"" folder that is set up in Song Surgeon Export. I pull each one up in Song Surgeon, clean it up, name the song and use MP4 as file extension, then select the Export folder to toss it into that folder. From there the files are ready to be attached to an email for the band to use for practice."

    Version 3 Comments

    It’s like going from a Prius to a Maserati

    Again, as version 3 standard user, I'm in awe of the v4 and it's capabilities. I like the fact I can edit multiple loops and export many times over back to back. I have not put this to a practical use yet, but I did experiment with projects I had already saved, then anipulated. I plan on doing a lot more now. The capabilities of this version compared to SS3 standard is like going from a Prius to a Maserati.

    Song Surgeon 4 is by far the best tool on the market in it's class. I have the Riffmaster Pro and the SS4 just blows it away and mainly it's the quality of tone in the quality of reduced tempo tone which was blatantly apparent even with my purchased copy of SS3. The sniffer with video is something that is SO convenient for musicians that copy instructional videos on youtube where the person "muddys" in their execution or plays at a tempo you can't quite grasp. The only thing I can say about Riffmaster is their vocal reduction works a bit better, but that is not why most of us use this type of software. You have a winner here!

    Light years ahead of Slow Downer

    When I contacted you regarding beta testing Song Surgeon, I told you I had been using a competing product, Amazing Slow Downer. I don't know if you're familiar with it, but the interface is pretty simplistic (as is the program) as compared to Song Surgeon:

    There's so much more versatility with Song Surgeon. Granted, I bought the ASD program for about $40 over 10 years ago (2002). But I recently checked out their website. In over 10 years it doesn't look like this program has changed much. The interface is about the same. About the only thing I see of any significance is they now have Android and iPad versions available.

    Since I am new to Song Surgeon I watched the videos. That's another thing lacking on the Slow Downer site - there's a couple of videos available through some links - nothing else. The Song Surgeon videos are extremely helpful. Great production work with easy to follow instructions and explanations how everything works. I was very impressed with the videos.

    In summary, I've very impressed with the program. Light years ahead of Slow Downer. Not freeze-ups, bugs, errors, or crashes. I've got a pretty robust system with an i7 processor and 16gb of ram though. But I have to think as light as it was on resources and my processor it would run well on any system. It's rock solid. Bravo on a very fine product!

    The controls are very intuitive and easy to use

    I have had a great time testing Song Surgeon 4, so far it looks like a great software package. The controls are very intuitive and easy to use, all of the operations are much faster than I would have expected. The sound quality is very good. I have pulled in several different styles of music and the output has been very good. Some of my associates use a similar program and they all said that the SS4 output was much better than the slow downer program they use.

    I thought SS3 was good, but SS4 is really remarkable.

    Your suggested test timings were a bit optimistic. I couldn't review the functionality in SS4 in the 4-hour total, there is too much to make a sensible assessment of it all and make notes of the results. Anyway, this is such a great programme, I was happy to put in the extra time. I thought SS3 was good, but SS4 is really remarkable. It does so many things so easily that one wonders what more can be done to make this the ultimate musician's companion. I am sure its success is assured.

    The best got better

    I can't tell you how impressed I am with v4 beta. The best got better. Haven't run into any issues I'd call a bug. A couple of things weren't clear about how to use even after watching the vids and reading the user guide.

    My overall impression is: Wow!

    I spent 20+ hours testing this program. My overall impression is: Wow! What a great program for anyone involved with sound file editing for any purpose. I use it primarily for creating backing tracks to practice playing my guitar with, and for transcribing guitar parts to learn.

    My overall impression with Song Surgeon is great. I was perfectly happy with SS3 Pro, but the improvements in capability provided by SS4 Pro completely blows it away. I have worked with several other sound editing programs and in my opinion, Song Surgeon is the best by far, even over much more pricey programs.

    Also, the more I worked with Song Surgeon the more excited I became because of how user friendly the program is. It lets me do what I want almost without limit.

    I used SS3 constantly and will use this version even more.

    The new features in Song Surgeon 4 Pro are definitely useful and user-friendly upgrades to an already great program. The intuitive interface combined with really good training videos makes it easy to dive right in and start using the program. I used SS3 constantly and will use this version even more. My favorite new functions are Recording and the 31-Band EQ.

    I Love the Product

    Hey! Love the product! I give guitar lessons and use it for student lessons, and Ryan Quinn, one of my students, promptly bought himself a copy! Hope it doesn't put me out of business!:)

    No Problem with Song Surgeon

    I bought SS a could of years ago for my music interests (piano and organ) but have more recently put it to further good use when recording speech for my local talking newspaper for the blind. Some readers are elderly and reader slower than they used to. No problem with SS! SS also saves a lot of time checking after doing edits using playback at 200% or more. Great tool!


    Yes, I have a Tascam........ and now it sits at the bottom of an ever increasingly large pile of useless electronics!!! There is no comparison with regard to the capability and simplicity offered by Song Surgeon.

    I am very pleased with SS

    I have been trying to learn guitar for many years but as a tone deaf hillbilly from Georgia it has proved to be a challenge. Using SongSurgeon has allowed me to break songs down and slow them down in small parts that even I can start to grasp and understand. I have progressed further in the few months since I started using SS than in the many years prior. I currently have no issues with the MAC version of SS I own but if I should run into any in the future I will let you know. Thanks,

    Im Impressed

    I've been practising with SS for a couple of months, and just installed your recent update. Consider me impressed with your software! Cheers!

    Song Surgeon is Still by Far My Favorite!

    I had a Tascam guitar trainer trainer when I originally purchased Song Surgeon, and Song Surgeon is still by far my favorite. Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to version 4 when it comes out. By the way, I use this for drums, does everything I want. Thanks again,

    An Excellent Tool

    I really like the software, it is an excellent tool for learning and playing along with songs. I've had it for a few months now and still don't think I've used it fully, but what I have been using is great. I do have a couple of comments, constructive of course. It would be nice to have a key which would replay from the beginning of the song, or the beginning of a loop. Also, when I zoom in on a loop section in the song, sometimes part of the loop is cut off either at the left (mostly) or right end. It would be nice if the zoom would center and zoom, like with a control or command key combo. I intuitively believe that the music display should be scrollable horizontally, I can't determine if this is possible. Like the software, keep it up.

    Hands Down!

    I play the guitar and used Song Surgeon to slow down Clarence White’s version of Don Reno’s Country Boy Rock and Roll. I could hear every note clearly even pick out when Clarence was using hammer on’s and pull-off’s instead of straight down-up picking. I have tried the Tascam it can’t be compared to your Song Surgeon….You win hands down! Got to go,will e-mail more later.

    It's a GREAT Piece of Software.

    I purchased on 4/23/12. You gave a $30 competitive discount since I was previously using SlowGold. Thanks for that! It's a GREAT piece of software. I use it almost everyday and have been recommending it to my fellow musicians. I truly enjoy using it! Very nice work by you guys!

    Really Fun!

    I purchased song surgeon for Mac & pc and I love it! I use it every time I practice guitar and it has helped my song study immensely! Plus it makes practicing solos and intricate passages really fun!

    The Product is Awesome!

    I have specific needs that your product satisfies - mainly the pitch shift. I play with my Church and they often change the key from the original. Your software does a great job at keeping it sounding natural. I do have other software that I use to play and loop the song and software to sniff music off the web. If I didn't have these other products I would be more likely to purchase yours. So right now, I use your software, while I still have demo time left, to change the song to the desired pitch and then use my other software to loop it and prep for the next week. Once that demo clock runs out, I'll have to reconsider what I will do and go from there. Thanks,

    A Solid Multimedia Package

    I have used song surgeon to speed up audio material I have created to make electronic hybrid music. It amplifies my voice. I can see this as a tool for music composers and DJs. A plugin to adjust speed and pitch for Djs maybe would be interesting. I also think it applies to marketing. If you combined it with video surgeon it would be a solid multimedia package for music, movies, and marketing. Thanks,

    Version 3 Comments
    Simply Wonderful

    Song surgeon is a grand slam. Simply wonderful. I use it every day to assist my Traditional Irish Fiddling. I can’t believe the increase level of sophistication from when I started with you guys when you first started

    When I learn a new tune I listen to it on SS to understand the rhythm and cadence. Then I pull out my music and learning is much faster and more accurate. Then I do away with the music as every good Irish girl should do and just play along with SS.

    The new Song Surgeon 3 is astounding

    The new Song Surgeon 3 is astounding.  This most productive application puts current ideas of learning to play the cello in a completely new light. SS# makes it easy to rip piano accompaniments from my CD recordings and adjust the tempo, without distortion, to my cello playing level as I progress. I strongly recommend it as a teaching adjunct, particularly for elderly beginners, where substantial, distortion free adjustments may be desired.

    The level of tech support provided by the experts at Song Surgeon is first class. Thank you again for the splendid help to get it going on my machine.

    You name it song surgeon does it

    Just got to thank you for  such a great Tool, I have been using Song Surgeon since the launch of Song Surgeon 1 and since the beginning it has been a fantastic piece of kit.

    I have been using it for both my learning on Sax and Guitar as well as dissecting songs for my band when were playing covers and now with Song Surgeon 3 Pro it does much much more in an even better and easier layout, key change, tempo, cut, loop, paste, adjust EQ and save your work , you name it song surgeon does it. It is the complete toolkit for anyone no matter the instrument no matter your ability it will work for you in such an easy to use interface I've used it for guitar solos slowing them down changing Key to work out parts or intricate chords on Sax and brass parts and even on drum parts to dissect and analyze what is been played during solos or drum breaks truly fantastic  and lastly adjusting tempo and the key on songs to try out is a god send.

    It has helped Me in particular to improve my playing and understanding music. It has helped my band to reproduce better more accurate cover versions of songs

    And last but not least to James and all the support team keep up the good work you have a great product and a fantastic customer support

    Many Thanks

    There are a lot of rip offs out there , but Song Surgeon isn't one of them!

    I've been playing guitar for over 50 years. I'm not very good but I love the instrument. Over the years I've bought all kinds of " guitar made easy" books, tapes, VCR's and DVD's and found 90% of them to be useless. A year or so ago I ran across Song Surgeon on line. It sounded like a good idea to be able to slow down the tempo without changing the pitch, so I decided to give it a try. I like old rock n roll by Chuck Berry, Bill Haley, Buddy Holly etc., but most of their music was too fast for me to figure out by just listening at regular speed. I was amazed at how it worked. With version 3 PRO you can literally pick songs apart and play them at whatever speed you need in order to learn the parts. I'm no guitar god, but I'm having a lot more fun and learning a lot more now that I have Song Surgeon.

    I also want to mention the support you get. On 2 occasions I had some technical problems (which were totally on my end) and Jim Todd couldn't have been more helpful. He actually called me one night at 8 o'clock and helped me figure out the problem.

    There are a lot of rip offs out there , but Song Surgeon isn't one of them!

    As a teacher,SS 3 is a must...

    I love the program. To be honest, I've used the Tascam CD GT1 since it first came out and was a little skeptical when I came across SS 2.0 by accident on the internet last May. I was about to order a new Tascam unit since the one I had was starting to show signs of wear, but decided to try your demo. From there, I was hooked. I purchased the program and now this Tascam unit collects dust. With some of the new features in SS 3.0, I'm even more excited about it. As a teacher, SS 3 is a must. As a performer, it's just as valuable. I can't wait to start using the finished product.

    I am at a loss for words...

    I love the numerous changes/improvements you made to the software. I am at a  loss for words. I want to tell you which new feature is my favorite, but they are all unique that I can’t pick one over the other.

    I have found no other software that compares when it comes to the sound quality that you have obtained at a Tempo slowed to 10% of the original song. It is very, very, very, did I say very, if not I must emphasize very easy to pick out individual notes even on a very fast lead guitar riff.

    Being able to control the number of time a selection loops, delaying the loop repeat and making Tempo and Pitch changes within the loop is the most useful for me. I promise that I will learn more songs quicker than ever before with these tools that you have provided us.

    I am impressed with the sound quality...

    Wow, I am very impressed with the sound quality of the files, even when slowed to 20% the fidelity remained intact.  I really like using the wave form editor to create customized practice files.  I was able to paste several different loops into one file to work on my set list for the week.

    I found Song Surgeon absolutely indispensable...

    As a working bass player in a covers band I found Song Surgeon absolutely indispensible.  I thought the first version was good, but version 3 is fantastic.  It's a feature rich application.  To be able to save a slice of a song and just practise to that is great.  I particularly like the Sniffer facility.  It's an easy way of getting an audio track from YouTube to practise to.  I wouldn't be in my current band if it were not for song Surgeon.  I've been able to increase my repertoire much more easily because of Song Surgeon.  Thanks guys!

    I can't wait until version 3...

    I just wanted to say that I am looking forward to version 3. I use the current version everyday. It has been amazing for me and a tremendous help for me in learning songs. I would say it has put me many months ahead of others if not a year from where I would be without it. My music teacher is so impressed with what I can do with the program, like bring copies of my lessons that I tape from my song surgeon at lower speeds, i.e., 50%, 60% etc., and practice with those speed of songs until I get to the 100% mark. I know she plans on purchasing the new version 3 when it's released, plus she is recommending it to her other students (there goes my advantage). Again, thanks, version 2 has been great so I can't wait until version 3.

    This is a fabulous upgrade over 2.0

    This is a fabulous upgrade over 2.0.  The interface is very nicely laid out.  The tempo slowdown is vastly improved and the Sniffer is darn near worth buying the app in and of itself!  It worked very well. 

    Definitely need that music pad, too.  I like having my chords all laid out especially if it's a song I haven't played with in a while. 

    This is a wonderful product and one I would highly recommend to any musician.  My brother has been playing keyboard for 45 years and has perfect pitch, but there are occassionally still songs he needs to easily slow down to pick everything out.  Any level musician can benefit from this product.

    Song Surgeon 3 is quite possibly the best tool

    Song Surgeon 3 is quite possibly the best tool I have ever seen for guitarists of all levels. I wish I could have had a tool like this 20 years ago. The ability to slow down a song without changing the pitch is absolutely phenomenal to me. You can slow down a song as much as you need, create a loop from a section of the song, export it to mp3, practice it when and wherever, and that's just the beginning. I am certain that using this program will also help those who have trouble picking up tunes by ear, because you can hear the notes both at normal speed and slowed down. Excellent work by the Song Surgeon Team. Kudos and a big "ROCK ON!" guys.

    Tis new version takes another leap ahead...

    I've been working with Song Surgeon since its early days and it provided me a huge help in getting the details out of my favorite guitar pieces. The tempo change and loop functions were particularly useful.

    Having Beta-tested Song Surgeon V3 I can say that this new version takes another leap ahead. Not only does it provide a completely new designed and easy to use and understand user interface. It also comes with a bunch of new features, like ripping songs directly from CD incl. storing in different formats, comprehensive editing functions, and multiple loops. Some of these features, however, are available with the PRO version only.

    But one of the biggest improvements, in my opinion, is the new sound technology behind the scenes. It takes care for a clean sound even when changing the tempo down to 20% or changing the pitch by +/- 24 steps. Now it's still more fun to listen to and to reveal the secrets of my favorite artists' pieces.

    Thank you Jim, and the whole Song Surgeon Team, for this great new version.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Successful New Year.

    The first person I showed this program to bought a copy the very same day

    I have tried similiar products over the years but none of them compare in features and functionality to Song Surgeon 3. This program is outstanding!  I have used it for teaching, ear training, improving vocal harmony parts, slowing guitar parts down, etc. The results are always amazing!

    The first person I showed this program to bought a copy the very same day!

    It is a "must have" tool for any musician from beginner to pro!

    Top Notch

    The features and improved quality of Song Surgeon 3 are top notch. The layout is great and placing the sniffer in the toolbox is a great idea also. Was worth the wait.

    Its far better than Riff Master Pro...

    GRAND SLAM!!!!!


    I will reccomend your NEW Song Surgeon to my friends! Its really a comprehensive utility! GREAT JOB JAMES!!!

    Its far better than Riff Master Pro!

    I'm IT Manager... I don't think I've ever seen a software application make such a dramatic improvement in just one upgrade

    I just wanted to say that I am blown away by new version of Song Surgeon.

    Honestly the version 2 had a pretty interface but it seemed very basic and I couldn't do the things that I wanted to do very easily.I actually used a competitors application call Transkriber because it did all the things that I needed it to do.

    I downloaded version 3 a week ago and immediately I was impressed with what you had done. The looping function is great, very easy now to isolate a passage and tweak the start and finish points with the sliders! Then having the ability to save the segment along with tempo changes and pitch is awesome for creating lessons and working on solos etc!

    I like the layout especially, since everything is right there where you can get at it, tempo change, pitch change very nice it's all there.

    I'm IT Manager and I have to say that I don't think I've ever seen a software application make such a dramatic improvement in just one upgrade.

    Needless to say I won't be going back to that other application because Song Surgeon does it all now and with a much cleaner interface. Thanks so much for all the hard work that went into this upgrade.

    I almost forgot the best part, you are right when you say the quality is not lost when slowing down the tempo!!! Amazing! Even when slowed to 20% the notes match the notes on the guitar, makes it very easy to transcribe solos!!!

    Tried Others in the past, most notable Amazing Slow Downer...

    Bingo! I'm running on, but am so very impressed with Song Surgeon. Tried other audio facilities in the past, notably Amazing Slow Downer with the most sourpuss, disagreeable sellers ever encountered. Song Surgeon does it all, plus things I never dreamt could be done, which used to require thousands of dollars' worth of hardware in ample studio space. You may quote me. Thanks!

    Re any of your competitors' stuff, Song Surgeon is so good I wouldn't waste my time...

    I recently upgraded to Song Surgeon 3.0 Pro and just love it. It does all that your original program does... and so much more.

    I especially like the multiple loops and the individual settings for each loop. I also like the built-in song sniffer and the many keyboard shortcuts, which I am still learning.

    Can't wait for the next version. Thanks for an excellent program.

    Re any of your competitors' stuff, Song Surgeon is so good I wouldn't waste my time even looking at one of them!!

    Re any of your competitors' stuff, Song Surgeon is so good I wouldn't waste my time...

    I recently upgraded to Song Surgeon 3.0 Pro and just love it. It does all that your original program does... and so much more.

    I especially like the multiple loops and the individual settings for each loop. I also like the built-in song sniffer and the many keyboard shortcuts, which I am still learning.

    Can't wait for the next version. Thanks for an excellent program.

    Re any of your competitors' stuff, Song Surgeon is so good I wouldn't waste my time even looking at one of them!!

    Song surgeon has increased my capacity by say 80%

    I am a bass player working for 2 bands at the moment and have a lot of songs to pick up very fast. Song surgeon has increased my capacity by say 80% especially for those fast and funky bass fills that can be a bind to identify in the low registers. This leaves me extra time to just play the song and get into the groove for the next practice. When I can afford Pro the use of loops would be great,

    NONE of the others compare to this in quality or support assistance

    I bought version 3. I should say I presently play with several serious Praise and Worship groups (lead guitar) and have played my whole life. I have bought other software such as Amazing Slow Downer and Digital Music Mentor and NONE of the others compare to this in quality or support assistance. I'll be back for a copy of Video Surgeon next month. Any discounts available?

    "Song Surgeon" is a fantastic software that I could never do without

    At St. Alban's Church, we have been without an organist for some time now. I used a digital hymnal for years but it has outlived it's usefulness and it did not contain the tunes I needed.

    Because of Song Surgeon, I now download pipe organ music from the internet and can change the MP3 files to suit the Church's needs such as Tempo Change, Key Change, Number of Verses, and Volume Change of certain verses. Since the addition of Fade In / Fade Out, I can now make longer intro's to the hymn files that fade in or add an ending verse that fades perfectly.

    The Sniffer is really a great feature for downloading music files and saves some time on converting them.

    Overall, "Song Surgeon" is a fantastic software that I could never do without and would recommend to anyone who has a need to manipulate music files. Keep up the excellent work.

    Rarely has anyone worked so hard to help..

    It works!!! Whatever you did, it came out fine and opens and works!

    I can't thank you enough! Rarely has anyone worked so hard to help..

    Kudos to you and Song Surgeon! Thanks so much for your help and your

    perseverence! If there's anything I can do for you, let me know...

    Love my Song Surgeon.

    I play in a 60's Band. Some of us guys played in the 60's in high school. Since we've gotten older w can't sing as high as we used to. So I take the original version of the songs we are learning and drop the pitch by a half step or whole step. This allows all the band members to learn their parts in the lower key, especially the horn section. Then it makes a great practice CD for everyone to practice at home individually. Love my Song Surgeon.

    I am blown away by my first look at Song Surgeon

    Thanks so much for your prompt attention to my problem. I haven't looked at video surgeon yet but I am blown away by my first look at Song Surgeon. I use to trudge through many cumbersome steps creating loops I could download using audacity and I altho I appreciated what amazing slowdowner could do it was very limited. Your software will save me huge amounts of time with it's streamlined elegance and vastly superior functionality. It's a clean sweet looking piece of software that is a pleasure to work with.

    I am very satisfied and happy with my purchase and also with your excellent service.

    Song Surgeon blows them all away

    Thanks. Must tell you, I have a Jam Vox, a Boss EBand, Audicy, and this blows them all away. I can't wait to get the Video Version!


    I just watched your videos about the differences between Audacity and Song Surgeon in regards to changing the pitch of a song—entirely or just a section or sections. And I agree that SS does a much better job at changing pitches, as well as changing the tempos of songs. Yes, I have the latest version of SS and just recently I have started using it again, after being “sidetracked” with other pressing problems at home.

    Song Surgeon 3 is the Best!

    I appreciate your understanding and quick response, and I think SS3 is THE BEST. I own Sony Acid Pro 7, and Reaper and Audacity. I have been using PC's since the MS-DOS days. I'm not an IT pro, I certainly am a "power user enthusiast".

    It’s Time to Upgrade to Song Surgeon Version 3

    I’ve been waiting for foot pedal support since I tried a demo of version 1. It’s finally time to retire my Tascam BT-1.Version 3 is AWESOME!!!!

    Your SS Video Tutorials are Helpful

    I've been using the pro version just to create loops and practice my guitar solos. It works great and I like being able to change the pitch to move the song into the key which we are playing it. As per most of these programs I probably only use it to a fraction of its capabilities but I do like the video tutorials which i find helpful. Keep up the good work.

    SS is Perfectly Working.

    Everything worked perfectly! My version of Song Surgeon is now registered correctly as the PRO version. Thank you for helping me get out of the mess that I created. I also must say that you've really done an outstanding job in creating Song Surgeon, and now it's even better with the addition of Music Pad which is a perfect tool edition to score any music a person needs. Thank you for all your work and creation of Song Surgeon, and for your excellent customer service! As a grateful customer, thank you for everything.

    I am Absolutely Going to have the SS

    I have been using your amazing program for the last couple of days. I did use the training videos quite a bit before I started using the program. I am a professional pedal steel guitar player and my guitar trainer by tascam finally crapped out on me. all I did was google some software that would do the same thing. I am totally amazed at your software and I will definitely purchase it in the next couple of days soon as the 4 hours of demo starts to run out. I still have about 90 minutes left but I am absolutely going to purchase.

    Song Surgeon is a Great Product!

    Song Surgeon is a Great Product! I bought Song Surgeon Pro after using the free four hour (fully functional) demo program. The versatility and ease of use is fantastic! I use SS for guitar and flute song work. The quality of sound is just as stated in this video. Great piece of software that will really increase your music learning progress! Test it free for four hours and I think you will agree... It's Most Cool!

    Song Surgeon 3 is a Miracle

    As a “newbie” to the technological advances of recent years, I am continually amazed at the frontiers that technology has opened for old dudes like me. I’m a 71 year old retired American male, surviving on a very limited and fixed income, who has taken up guitar playing as a retirement hobby. (The hobby helps retard the encroachment of arthritis in my hands and fingers). I recently discovered “backing tracks” which can be utilized for background music through a guitar amplifier while trying to learn, or practice, new tunes. The problem with many of these tracks was/is: They’re in the “wrong” key for the limited guitar abilities I currently possess, and due to that fact, I’ve had to abandon many of them as potential playing pieces … Until I found Song Surgeon 3. To refer to the capabilities of Song Surgeon 3 as a “miracle” would be cliché. However … its’ capabilities ARE miraculous in the field of melody manipulation. Having only downloaded the Demo version of Song Surgeon3 yesterday, I’ve already converted two mp3 songs to the “proper key” for my playing ability, and I couldn’t be happier, for the abilities of Song Surgeon 3 have enhanced this old man’s future by an incalculable amount, (I’m having a hard time getting the smile off my face!) You can bet I’ll be saving up my money to make a permanent purchase of Song Surgeon 3 in the coming months. Thank you so much for making my day with such a wonderful, useful product. I may be “getting’ on in years”, but I refuse to stop learning!

    World Class

    It does work. Thank you very much for an extremely quick answer, on a Saturday afternoon. That's what I call world class. Thank you again

    Excellent Customer Support

    Thank you for the excellent customer support. I know that you appreciate the value of same. My wife and I are members of a bluegrass band and will be sure to spread a positive word about your product and company.

    This is a Wonderful Tool

    I have already purchased the Song Surgeon Pro Upgrade and it is awesome !!! I play Saxophone and the slow down aspect of this wonderful tool has helped me with understanding improvisation tremendously. Thank you and Be Blessed.

    SS have Our Total Support

    Thanks, Guys, for the incredible effort you are expending on getting the Mac version 'right'. Your programs, when released, are good from the get-go, and do all that you say they do, and usually more. Of course, we of the Mac world are the patient types, and appreciate things which work well, as Macs do. You have our (your loyal customers and friends) total support. I am running OS X 10.6.8 right now, but may go onward and upward with 10.7 after the New Year. Will see how SS will work with 10.7.0. If it's compatible, then I'll update the OS. If not, I'll keep it the way it is. That's how important SS is to me! We wish you all the best holiday ever, no matter how you celebrate it. With all best wishes for the New Year, which I can see will definitely be the best ever!

    Brilliant Customer Support!

    Great. The speed of your response gives a complete new meaning of the term "customer support". Are you going for the world championship? Brilliant.

    Testimonial in German

    "Geniales Werkzeug
    Vor ein paar Tagen habe ich mir Son Surgeon 3 in der Standardversion istalliert und bin absolut begeisert. Man kann die Geschwindigkeit der Stuecke stufenlos veraendern - sowohl verlangsamen als auch beschleunigen, wobei die Tonhoehe unveraendert bleibt. Zusätzlich kann man davon unabhängig die Tonhoehe anpassen, was besonders bei aelteren Aufnahmen aus den 60ern und 70ern sehr praktisch sein kann, da man damals oft um einen Viertelton daneben lag. Diese Aenderungen kann man auf das ganze Stueck anwenden oder auf sogenannte Loops, also auf Ausschnitte, die man dann beliebig oft nacheinander hoeren kann. Diese Programm spart so nicht nur immens Zeit, sondern ist auch das einzige mir bekannte Werkzeug, mit dem auch schwierige und schnelle Passagen absolut korrekt erfasst werden können. Dabei stellt sich oft heraus, dass die im Netz frei erhaeltlichen Tabs und Noten absolut nicht der Realitaet entsprechen.Der Service ist fast erschreckend schnell. Ich habe letzten Samstag um 00.36 eine Frage gemailt und hatte um 00.56 eine freundliche und kompetente Antwort. Die Standardversion reicht für meine jetzigen Ansprueche eigentlich aus, ich werde jedoch auf die Pro-Version aufruesten, da damit einige zusaetzliche Funktionen möglich sind, die die Oberflaeche noch komfortabler gestalten."

    Speedy Response

    Thank you very much for your speedy response!! I have both Song Surgeon & Video Surgeon on my new computer now. The only problem now is my new Song Surgeon is only the standard version but on my old computer it is the pro version. How do I get the pro version on my new computer? Thank you again & sorry for the trouble!!! Love your software!!!

    It’s a Great Program especially for us amateurs.

    I use Song Surgeon mainly to transpose songs to my key and to change the tempo. Recently because I use backing tracks I have been using it to change the volume to certain parts of the songs. It's a great program especially for us amateurs

    A very Useful Tool

    SongSurgeon is a very useful tool. Upon all I appreciate the possibility to change the speed as well as the pitch. I also like the "nose" in order to catch songs from YouTube, although it does not work all the time. This gives me the opportunity to play along with the recorded songs.

    Extremely Versatile Tool

    Incredible program, guys! Thanks for creating something so extremely versatile for musicians of all skill levels, it should be included in every institution's curriculum as a foundational element. I've only had SS a week and already I'm twice the player I was! Xoxoxoxo

    A Very Happy Mandolin Player

    James, thanks for the continued customer support. I must tell you how pleased I am with Song Surgeon. The video tutorials are excellent and I have watched most of them. However, I find Song Surgeon to be intuitive and very easy to use. This is a quality program and I am using it each day in my practice. Kind regards from a very happy mandolin player.

    Much easier to learn to play phrases and music

    I can go on practicing. Song Surgeon really helps especially when I practice phrasing. To play notes and to play a phrase are two different things (as you probably know), and SS makes it so much easier to learn to play phrases and music - and not just separate notes. With all the best wishes from Finland

    Song Surgeon Saves the Day!

    I have to write and tell you, your product saved my bacon during the month of December. I am an alto saxophone player and primarily an audio learner. I was hired to play with a church orchestra in their Christmas celebratory services. Well, I went to their first rehearsal received the reimbursement then the music. I nearly had a heart attack. I couldn't make head nor tale of my part. Extremely complicated stuff. I was thinking if I could hear it, I could play it. Well, I requested the soundtrack and my part consisted of mostly orchestral hits. The soundtrack totally masked my part with vocals etc. I accidentally shared my story with a salesperson at a music store I frequent and he suggested Song Surgeon. The rest is history. I was able to apply the 'KISS' principle and not only was I able to play my part but I am able to link notation with the sound. Thank you so much. I am not sure how the latest version for the Mac would assist me. Is there any program that will link directly the audio version of a song to the notation.

    Extremely Refreshing

    It is extremely refreshing and greatly appreciated to receive excellent customer service. Thank you very much!

    Thrilled with It

    I've been playing with the demo, and am thrilled with it. Love the idea of the sniffer, as I often go to YouTube to get tunes I need to play at weddings, etc. - and also use YouTube all the time to get tunes that students request. I demo'd several other products, none matched the fidelity (I'm an audio snob). The feature of having EQ and voice reduction is really helpful when trying to isolate parts. Best wishes

    SS has so much more functionality

    I am going to purchase the software. I have been using "The Amazing Slow Downer," but yours has so much more functionality and is much more user friendly. It also has a more credible name, although "The Amazing Song Surgeon," does have a nice ring...

    Indeed Very Useful

    I am very impressed with Song Surgeon. As rhythm guitarist in a covers band, I find it very useful in getting to know the songs we play and in solving some of the issues I find difficult at 'normal speed'. It is indeed very useful.

    I Love Song Surgeon!

    Wow!I wanted to let you know how much I love Song Surgeon! I have been using it for some time now. I have been a gigging musician for over 30 years now. I have tried some of the other programs like slow gold and CD Looper. But none of them even come close! I started learning songs when you had to play the record over and over again and would slow down the turn table. Song Surgeon has allowed me to learn guitar solos that I never could before! I've been so impressed I have recommended it to all my musician friends! Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for making such a great product! Keep up the good work!

    The Product has been very useful

    I've actually owned Song Surgeon for several years (even bought another one for my son) and own Video Surgeon as well. As far as Song Surgeon, the product has been very useful for practicing playing loops and often for playing files in a more flexible format than iTunes. I have just finished using it to improve the sound (using the equalizer) from files transferred from a Boss Micro BR recorder.
    Other than that, the reason I was using the equalizer was that the file imported had quite low volume and I found by maxing the volume AND increasing the sliders on some of the equalizer regions, I could get it to a decent level. In terms of improvements, I don't know if it could be done but my biggest challenge is identifying the key of a song. Given that each note has a different frequency (i.e. high E = 440), is there a way in which the software could read the notes as played and determine the key? Having a Mac has made it difficult to use Video Surgeon because I have to boot into Windows7 first. I am eager to get a new copy of Video Surgeon for Mac once it's released (haven't been paying a lot of attention lately so it may well be out there by now). I did have the old Tascam Guitar Trainer but it wasn't the digital model so it was kind of useless and I never really used it.

    Like a Charm

    Seems to have worked like a charm! Thanks for the great program and great support!!

    Many Cool New Features

    Thanks for the prompt response to my question I've successfully downloaded version 3 and it seems to have many cool new features
    Now it's time to play Thanks again for your continuing support.

    Real Customer Service

    . Got it! Me and my Banjo both thank you! SS is up and running on my MAC, helping me to nail Bill Emerson's intro to "Welcome to New York". Thanks again for your most prompt reply, you really define customer service.

    Contented with Song Surgeon

    I am very contented with the software SongSurgeon. My use of SS is for a better performance of sax playing. I practice to play a tenor sax with the help of an CD. Sometimes the tempo is too high for me. For this moment I especially use the “tempo” button. It improved my skills by far, so I am very happy with SS.
    Later on I will start to use the “pitch” button to obtain a better hearing in combination with my finger settings on the sax. So my use of SS is very simple, but I will increase it in the near future. Many thanks for the performed service you guys have given me in the start.
    Best wishes,

    An Extremely Valuable Tool

    We have found Song Surgeon to be an extremely valuable tool in our project we call BROTHERLY LOVE here on the Monterey Peninsula. Like many singles and duos who use backing tracks to be able to offer our clients an affordable live performance, we are constantly using Song Surgeon to tailor our songs to fit our needs. Whether it be a key change or any of the other many features is offers, it has become an integral part of our operation and we are extremely happy with it.
    Thanks for such a great product and keep up the great work.

    Absolutely NO Complaints!

    Initial use has been transposing and tempo change, both with great success. I’ve rarely changed more than a semi tone but the results are indistinguishable from the original and there is none of the degradation experienced with my previous software (mp3 key shifter). I’m just starting on looping but success should follow.
    One of the unsung features is the EQ facility which carefully applied can vastly improve bland recordings. Absolutely no complaints! I recommend the software unreservedly – especially at the price!

    SS is Superior Than Others

    Some of the guys I play with at church have purchased, or planning to purchase, SS. I find the functionality to be superior than other similar applications. You guys did a great job on it!

    It's Awesome!

    The new song surgeon is awesome. I use it every day. Its the best learning tool I have ever used.

    A Big Big Help

    Thanks. I've been using it almost everyday. It's a truly great product. I've already bent the ears of several of my fellow guitarist friends singing its praises. And I did watch the videos right away. They are a big big help.
    Thanks so much.

    Many Thanks

    Thanks for all the personal assistance you have afforded us and for the opportunity to share our musical endeavors as they pertain to Song Surgeon. Ray Paul and myself (Lee Durley) are both semi retired residents of the Monterey California Peninsula but have always been involved individually in music performance in some fashion. We are both vocalist and began our fun together just doing short gigs at assistant living facilities in Monterey and surrounding cities. Today, just over two years later, “The Brotherly Love Show”, along with our extensive schedule of retirement home performances, is booked regularly at local restaurants and night spots including Doris Day`s “Cypress Inn” in Carmel on Thursdays..
    We are constantly adding material to our song library and before we heard about Song Surgeon, we as everyone else, were all relegated to the arrangement, key and tempo of whatever available tracks there were. Song Surgeon has provided us with the ability to take our own home studio created tracks as well as online downloaded tracks and tailor them to PRECISELY fit our needs. Using Song Surgeon, we can put any track in our needed key, set our required tempo, delete any undesired instrumental solos, long beginnings and endings and by cutting, copying and pasting and utilizing the very precise “Zoom” feature we are able to create song arrangements that absolutely suit our specific anticipations without rhythm interruptions or audio distortion . Song Surgeon has given us the ability to add drama by adding amplitude dynamics and modulations. We have been able to “copy” parts of tracks to create dynamic endings to replace fades and indefinite intros. After creating a Song Surgeon track, we often feed it to a multi-track recorder to add vocal harmonies and or instrumentation as needed. We`d be glad to share further details of our Song Surgeon experience thus far, just contact us at the info below.
    We do acknowledge, we are novices in the digital realm and have much to learn, but as two old timers enjoying the prime of life, we are welcoming the opportunity and thanks to Song Surgeon and the personal help they have walked us through, we have already far surpassed our wildest anticipations and look forward to many more tailored musical experiences. When you are in the Monterey area, look us up or check us out at www.brotherly-love.info Ciao for now and thanks again for helping us keep the music playing.
    All Good Things

    Great Product!

    Yes i have the demo of song surgeon! I tried it out for about one hour. I have a small home studio . Cubase 4 , wavelab, many vst effects etc. I have tried every thing out there over time and am very impressed with song surgeon! It does what it is supposed to without side effects. Great product!

    Can't Do Without It

    I purchased Song Surgeon about 3 years ago. I can’t do without it. It has made my violin lessons so much more enjoyable, because I can slow the CD down, and work on individual sections. To be perfectly honest, about a month ago, I wrote you for all my songs would not come on since I worked on the M3, and installed the Distortion Free Audio. I was frantic! for I was working on a number that would not come up. Anyway, after many trials and errors, and suggestions from you, it finally worked and this was truly a BIG relief. In other words, I cannot be without it.

    Fantastic Product

    This is a fantastic product. My intentions were to use it to dissect Rush songs for a new tribute band project I was contemplating joining. As it turns out, I didn't join this band and no longer need the song surgeon. I will not rule out purchasing this product in the future, but for now i am going to hold off.
    Thanks for the opportunity to try your product. Best regards,

    Absolutely No Distortion

    For about a year I have been using a free software, Audacity, for most of my audio editing. I only recently found out that Audacity had, as one of its effects, the ability to slow down the speed without changing the pitch. Unfortunately, when I slowed down a particular aria 12%, there was some very audible low-frequency distortion. That prompt me to do a google search and, as a result, found out about Song Surgeon. This first thing I did after downloading Song Surgeon last week was to work with that exact same aria. There was absolutely no distortion at 88%. Great product!

    VERY EASY AND FAST to Work With

    I play guitar and I have found Song Surgeon extremely usefull,I use it the same way as Video Surgeon: ,upload a song or lesson or base I want to study,low down the tempo ,loop a fragment,change the tempo and play on it.When I create a song I record the base of chords adjust diferent tempos and play on it.These are, basically,the tools I need for practice,I know the software includes a lot more of posibilities but the way I work don^t need more than that.But ,the most important,I find SS very ,VERY EASY AND FAST to work with.I have no experience with any other program like this and I think I don´t need it.Sorry but I have very simple needs ,I´m sure there´s a lot of things that may be improved , but I use just like it is and don´t need more than that.

    A Very Good Investment

    Without a doubt, Song Surgeon has been a very good investment. It is becoming a handy tool to my daily workload of teaching and songwriting/composition on guitar.
    I know there is a lot more to learn about the product, and it seems that I keep finding another new way to use the program just about every week.
    Keep up the good work!

    It has been great

    I was in a musical production and it was a great help having the ability to loop, slow down and repeat difficult "spots". I also cut to isolate just my part and them put it on Disk that I could listen and sing to in my car. It has been great!

    It Worked Perfectly

    Song Surgeon worked great. The audio still sounded clear at slow speeds and I thought your youtube videos did a great job of explaining all the features. I actually had to use Song Surgeon to figure out an instrumental that I had written myself as I had forgotten exactly what I had done while improvising, It worked perfectly.

    Song Surgeon Helps

    I use this program to help me improve my solo improvisations. I have always felt that my improvisation was poor so I listen for riff etc. practice them until I am comfortably with them in several keys & then try them with various tunes using Song Surgeon.

    Powerful Program

    Thanks, I could install it without problems on my laptop. Thanks anyway!! When working in the lesson with SS I thought it could be more comfortable to type in the desired % when needed f:e: 83. For as the musicpad : I am working a lot with Tabledit and it is not easy to import those files into the musicpad. It is a very nice and powerful program to work with and I pretend to use it more and more in my lessons.
    Kind regards

    A Major Help

    Thank you I installed and working perfectly . I love the program it is a major help. Gonna buy a foot pedal.

    I Would Definitely Recommend SS

    I'm a guitarist and find song surgeon great for not just breaking down leads but using the eq to discover the quieter not so noticeable parts by first reducing everything to zero and using one slider at a time to find what instruments are playing at that frequency--you probably should have a zero setting as a standard but of course thats easy to do--learning other equipment right now so have not been able to completely focus on song surgeon but i would definitely recommend it to a buddy which could be a good promotion idea for you guys as well--will stay in touch—

    Pretty Intuitive

    I've been using Song Surgeon to create "practice along" versions of songs that I'm learning. After finding a recording of the arrangement that I'm working with, I use Song Surgeon to change the pitch (song key) if needed, slow it down, set practice loops and in general help me really get the song "under my fingers" for playing live with a band. It's helpful to be able to export a key-changed, EQ'd version so that I can put it on my mp3 player for portability in listening and practicing. The EQ has enough flexibility to allow me to either boost the bass so I can listen more closely to a bass line (my instrument), or to lower the bass presence to create a more "play along" style of file for practicing with. Most of the functionality that I've used has been pretty intuitive. I haven't used a number of the other tools that are available, but there are Tutorial Videos that are available when I want to explore further.