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Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

Song Surgeon: Chord Viewer Module Almost Done!

In the late fall of last year I disclosed that we were working on a major addition to Song Surgeon which was the addition of a Chord Viewer module.  This module will allow you to see the shapes or diagrams for each chord as a song is being played.  I am pleased to report that the implementation is almost done.  It is 2-3 weeks away – or a month at most.  In case you missed it, you can see a mock up of this below.

In preparing for this new build we have already made a few other changes.  One is, for example, the ability to view both the key of a song and the chords as either sharps or flats. 

As many of you know, in the Pro version you already have the ability to create and print a file that has a list of all of the chords in a song and their time stamps.  Once this new module is fully implemented you will also be able to print the chord shapes or chord diagrams for an entire song that is open in Song Surgeon.  This means you can easily share them with band-mates, students, instructors, or simply print them so you can have a  hard copy rather than viewing them on your computer.

Once this Chord Viewer module has been completed, we also have a group of other features that have been requested over the past months, which we’ll be implementing.  Things like changing marker color, additional chord editing abilities, a capo function, and resizing the EQ to name a few.


Other Product Updates

Audio Surgeon –  This product will be the successor to Audio Switch.  It will have all of the same functions found in Audio Switch plus many more.  When finished this batch file processor will be able to change the key or tempo of a group of songs, it will be able to convert among file formats, sort files and group them based upon key or tempo values,  find duplicates files, Repair/replace ID3 tags associated with songs, normal the volume and more…. Target date for launch is end of 1Q.   For more info, go here:

Karaoke Surgeon  – This will be a brand new product for us. As the name suggests it will be geared toward Karaoke musicians.  It will allow them to change the key and/or tempo of a song used for Karaoke regardless of the format.  That means that it will be able to process audio files, video files, and karaoke files.  Importantly KS will be able to save the file in its original format, or convert among the various file formats used for Karaoke.  This means that you can change the key /tempo of a karaoke song without loosing the graphics or lyrics.  You can learn more here:

Download Surgeon V3 – Download Surgeon is the successor product to the download modules that used to be found in Song Surgeon and Video Surgeon (yes, the download module will be removed from version 3 of Video Surgeon).   The product contains four different modules.  Three of these are direct downloaders.  The 4th is a digit recorder that can grab audio or video as it is played on your computer.  That means that it can grab A/V from virtually any site. 

Video Surgeon Version 3 – The technical specs for this new major version have been written and new features/functions been selected.  The all new UI has been completed and the programming for this new version will begin in earnest by the end of the quarter.   This will be a very major revision and we expect it to take more than a year to finish it, so don’t expect it until 2019.  

Song Surgeon Testimonials

We continue to receive emails from many customers and users of Song Surgeon telling us how much they like the product. If you’d like leave comments about the Song Surgeon, you can post them here:

Here are a few testimonials and comments that have recently come in:

I have purchased  Song Surgeon 5, and have been using it for some months.  I totally agree with you that this is the best music editing tool available and I tell all my Musician colleagues of this fact.  Thank you for ensuring that I have the most up to date version
Garry O’Brien – Australia.


I have played violin for about a year, recently joined my community college orchestra. I use Song surgeon to slow down the CD of songs given to me by the conductor so I can practice with an orchestra before actually playing with other people who are so much more competent than I am. Sometimes it’s tricky to hear the second violins. I find the loops especially useful so I can practice a passage a hundred times or more.

Joan Tomoff – USA


The Chord Detection feature alone is worth the price for me. You have an excellent product and I’m proud to own it.   Bert  – USA


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the excellent software. I am so impressed with the program.

In case of any assistance please be good enough to help me out there too. In the mean time i am going through the tutorials at leisure to understand and learn the program. What wonders one can do with this software.  GOD BLESS U ALWAYS!

Elliot de Souza – India


Until Next Week,


   James Todd

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